Erotic Writer's Thesaurus

The Erotic Writers Thesaurus
(on-line abridged version)

This free on-line reference is an (extremely!) abridged "beta version" of the soon-to-be-published (TBA--expected early to mid 2018) reference: The Erotic Writer's Thesaurus with notes on usage), which, when complete, will include some 20,000+ entries of interest to all serious writers of adult literary and genre fiction.

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Abstain (v): avoid; cease; desist; discontinue; eschew; forebear; give up; hold back from; keep one’s hands off; quit; reject; renounce (the pleasures of the flesh); refrain; refrain from; refuse; renounce the pleasures of the flesh; repress; resist; resolve to give up; shun; stop; suppress; swear off; turn aside from
Abstinence (n); abstention; asceticism; austerity; avoidance; celibacy; continence; giving up; nonindulgence; refrainment; renouncement; renunciation;  repression; resistance; restraint; self-abnegation; self-denial; self-deprivation; self-restraint; suppression; withholding
Adultery: affair (extra-marital affair) (c.f. (1)); affaire de coeur (Fr); cheating; extracurricular activities (euph); extramarital affair; extramarital sex; infidelity (marital infidelity); playing around; sneaking around; stepping out
Affair (NOTE: AFFAIR (1) is most commonly used to refer to extramarital sexual activity or ADULTERY (c.f.), but in its broader sense (2); the word can also be applied to any love-relationship, especially involving sex, as in a love affair. FORNICATION (c.f.) refers to illicit sexual activity by unmarried persons (technically, sex that cannot legally be defined as ADULTERY (c.f.))
Affair (1: i.e. extramarital sexual activity): adultery; affaire de coeur (Fr); amour (Fr); assignation; brush (i.e. casual affair) (antq); carrying on  (e.g. Jack and Jill had been carrying on for quite some time); cheat (cheating); dalliance; elicit relations; extracurricular activities (euph); extramarital affair; extramarital sex; fling; flirtation (casual affair); going behind (another’s) back (e.g. Jack had been going behind Jane’s back with Jill for weeks); hanky-panky; infidelity (marital infidelity); intrigue; involvement; liaison; playing around; pully hawly (antq) (e.g. Mrs. Smith and the captain played at pully hawly); sneaking around; something on the side (something going on the side) (e.g. Mr. Smith had something going on the side with the woman next door) ; stepping out (e.g. He’d been stepping out on his wife for months); stitch (antq); thing (e.g. They had a thing going on)   
Affair (2: i.e. love or sexual relationship): affaire d’amour (Fr); amour (Fr); flirtation; infatuation; involvement; relationship; thing (e.g. Jack and Jill had a thing once);  (c.f. SEXUAL ENCOUNTER)
Afterglow: after-party (euph); after-play; blissful twilight (e.g.  . . . the blissful twilight that followed their love-making.); coming down (e.g.  . . . the gentle coming down afterwards.); euphoria (gentle euphoria; tender euphoria); glow (c.f.); love glow; mellowing out; post-coital embrace; post-coital cuddles; post-coital glow; post-orgasmic euphoria; post-rapture; rapture; soft landing (euph)  

Allure (or Allurement) (1: (n)): appeal; attraction; beguilement; bewitchment; captivation; charm; enchantment; enticement; entrancement; fascination; magnetism; pull; seduction; temptation

Allure (2: (v)): appeal; arouse; attract; bait; beguile; bewitch; captivate; delight; draw; enchant; enrapture; enravish (antq); entrance; ensorcell (antq); entice; fascinate; hypnotize; incite; interest; intrigue; inveigle; lure; magnetize; mesmerize; ravish (c.f. (2)); spellbind; tantalize; tempt; titillate; transfix; whet 

Alluring (adj): appealing; arousing; attractive (c.f.); beautiful (c.f.); beguiling; bewitching; captivating; charming; delightful; enchanting; enticing; exciting; fascinating; hypnotic (or hypnotizing); interesting; intriguing; magnetic; mesmerizing; ravishing (c.f.); seductive; sexy; spellbinding; stimulating; tantalizing; tempting; titillating
Agony (1: (n)): anguish; distress; hurt; misery; pain (c.f.); pang; sting; suffering; torture; woe; wretchedness
Agony (2: (n)): bliss; ecstasy (c.f.); elation; exaltation; transport
Amatory (adj): amorous; erotic; fervent; fond; impassioned; lovesick; passionate; romantic
Amazing (adj): astonishing; astounding; awe-inspiring; fabulous; incredible (c.f. (2)); overwhelming

Ambisexual (n) (c.f. BI-SEXUAL)

Amorous (adj): aroused; feeling frisky; fired up; horny (c.f.); in heat (f); in the mood; on the prowl; on the scent; sexed up; turned on
Anal Sex: ass-fuck; ass-fucking; ass play; ass-pounding; buggery; bugger (Br) (e.g. Peter wanted to bugger Paul in the worst way); buff-fuck; bum-fuck; butt-fuck; butt-fucking; butt sex; fudge packing (sl); pounding the back door (sl); Sodomy; taking it up the ass; taking it up the tailpipe (sl)
Anilingus (or Analingus) (cl): anilinction (cl); ass-licking; biting brown; chewing bud; crap tickling; Feuille de Rose (Fr); postillionage (Fr); reaming; rim job; rimming; salad tossing (sl)
Anus: arse; arsehole (Br); ass; asshole; asspussy (or ass-pussy); back door; back hole; back nine (sl); balloon knot; brown eye (or little brown eye); bud; bung; bunghole; butthole; chocolate starfish; cornhole; dirty opening; dock; fuckchasm; Hershey Highway (sl); hindmost opening; hind orifice; jack hole; jacksy (or jacksey) (Br); nether bud; nether hole; nether orifice; ojete (Sp); place where the sun don’t shine; pooper; poop chute; pucker; rear entrance; rear channel; rear tunnel; rectum; ring piece; rosebud; shitter; starfish; vent; via chocolada  (chocolate road) (sl);
Aphrodisiac (pl. aphrodisia) (1: agent of desire (n)): cantharades; catalyst (sexual catalyst); drug; love juice (sl); love potion; love spell; marital aid (euph); passion potion (inf); philter; soft spot; Spanish Fly; stimulant; trigger; turn-on (ANT: anaphrodisiac)
Aphrodisiac (2: (adj)): amatory; amorous; arousing; erogenous; erotic; provocative; stimulating
Areola (Note: AREOLA versus AUREOLE. Areola is the clinical term for the dark ring of flesh surrounding the nipple. Aureole, meaning “halo” or “radiance” (as in “aura”) can be employed as an artsy synonym for areola, but the two words should not be confused when one endeavors to write prose.)
Areola (pl Areolae or Areolas) (n) (cl): annulus; aureole (fig); circle; circumference; compass; halo; orbit; patch (e.g. The dark patches of flesh around her nipples); radius; region (e.g. the darkish region surrounding her nipples); ring; roundel; roundlet; swirl; whorl (fig); wreath; zone  
Arouse (v): animate; awaken; excite; enflame (or inflame) enkindle; enliven; fan the flame; fire up; get the blood up; get the juices flowing; get the wheels turning; ignite; incite; inspire; light a fire; kindle; motivate; pique; provoke; rouse; shake up; spur; stimulate; stir the embers; stir up; titillate; touch off; turn on; waken; wake up; whet; whip up; wind up; work up
Arousal (i.e. state of being sexually aroused): amorous; awakened; enflamed (inflamed); excited; enlivened; fired up; horny (c.f.); in heat (f); in the mood; on fire; provoked; roused; sexed up; shaken; shaken up; spurred on; stimulated; stirred; turned on; whipped up; worked up; wound up  
Ass (NOTE: There is probably no other word in erotic fiction so often employed out of context or with such careless imprecision. ASS may refer either to (1) the buttocks or Gluteus Maximus, or (2) the ANUS (c.f.). The distinction is important insofar as readers need to have a clear picture of what’s going on in a scene (e.g. She took off her panties so I could admire her tight little ass. I assailed her quivering ass. I rubbed my cock up against her sweet, needy ass). Aside from the obvious, that these are examples of dismally unimaginative writing, can the reader say for sure what specific body parts are being referenced? Writers should also take care to use the word in proper historical and cultural context. While it is ubiquitous in contemporary usage (many people seem to be growing up knowing no other word), such was not always the case. The word may sound perfectly apt on the lips of a Combat Zone hooker or even a married couple in the private throes of passion; but probably wouldn’t be quite so believable in the mouth of a Victorian noblewoman. Earlier generations wore their reticence like an extra layer of clothing, priding themselves on propriety and a certain stilted elegance in speech. Our day and age may be a tad more relaxed (or possibly a good deal less imaginative) when it comes to vocabulary, but good writers are always sensitive to issues of context and precision.)
Ass (1: i.e. buttocks): arse or ars; Arsch (Ger); ass cheeks; backside; badonkadonk (Sl); behind; booty (Sl); bottom; bum; bum cheeks (Br); buns; buttocks; butt; caboose; can; cheeks; culo (Sp); derrière (Fr); fanny; flanks; fundament; Gluteus Maximus (cl); glutes; haunches; heinie; hiney; hind end; hurdies (Br); jacksy (or jacksey) (Br); keester (or keister); moon; nates; patootie; posterior; rear end; rump; seat; seaterumpus (sl); tail; tuckus (or tuchis) (Ydd); toosh; tush; tushy;  
Ass (2: i.e. anus): (c.f. ANUS)
Ass (3: insult): ass clown; ass hat; asshole; ass wad; ass wipe; Arschloch (Ger); butthead; butthole; butt wad; culero (Sp);  
Ass crack: anal cleft (cl); butt crack; cleft; crack; gluteal cleft (cl); intergluteal cleft (cl); nether cleavage; nether cleft
Ass fucking (c.f. ANAL SEX)
Ass licking (c.f. ANILINGUS)
Attached: boyfriended (sl); boyfriended up (sl) (e.g. I’d like to date her, but she’s all boyfriended up); committed (in a committed relationship); dating someone; girlfriended (sl); girlfriended up (sl); in a relationship (with someone); involved (involved with); off the market (euph); out of circulation (euph); seeing someone; spoken for; taken (e.g. That one’s taken) (c.f. ENGAGED and MARRIED)
Attractive (NOTE: ATTRACTIVE people are not necessarily BEAUTIFUL (c.f.) or HANDSOME (c.f.), though these adjectives are commonly regarded as interchangeable.)
Attractive (adj): adorable; alluring; appealing; beautiful (c.f.); becoming; beddable (e.g. She was definitely beddable); bewitching; canny; captivating; charming; chic; comely; cute; desirable; elegant; enchanting; enthralling; enticing; eye-filling; fair; fascinating; fetching; fuckable (e.g. That chick is totally fuckable); good-looking; handsome (c.f.); hunky (m); interesting; intriguing; irresistible; loveable; magnetic; pretty; seductive; sexy (c.f.); sexually attractive; striking; tantalizing; tempting; ravishing; winsome
Attractive Man: Adonis (antq); Apollo (antq); beefcake; cute guy (inf); good-looking; handsome (c.f. HANDSOME MAN); hunk; love god; man candy (inf); sex god; specimen (e.g. He was quite the specimen); stud
Attractive Woman: beauty (c.f. BEAUTIFUL WOMAN); bombshell; charmer; cheesecake (sl, usu. pej); Cleopatra; dish (sl); enchantress (antq); goddess; hottie (inf); it girl (sl); knockout; love goddess; peach (sl); seductress (antq); sex goddess; sexpot; sex symbol; siren; stunner; tomato (sl); Venus (or Aphrodite)  
Awesome (adj): affecting; august; awe-inspiring; awful; dreadful (i.e. inspiring dread); fearsome; formidable; majestic; moving; overwhelming; portentous; shocking; sublime; terrible (i.e. inspiring terror); terrifying; tremendous
Axillary Intercourse (i.e. penis inserted into a partner’s armpit) (cl); bagpiping (sl); directing traffic (sl); outercourse; pit-wanking (sl)


Backdoor Man: fancy man; handy man (euph); man on the side  

Bad ass (or Badass) (n) (e.g. That guy is one dangerous bad ass): baddy; BAMF (i.e. bad-ass motherfucker); biker; brawler; con (convict); criminal; crook; ex-con; gangbanger; gangster (c.f.); hood; mo-fo (sl); punk; shit-kicker; street fighter; street tough; thug; tough (e.g. That guy has a reputation as a tough); tough guy; villain

Bad-ass (1: (adj)) (e.g. That guy has a bad-ass attitude or That guy is seriously bad-ass): criminal; brutal; dangerous; evil; mean; ruthless; tough

Bad-ass (2: (adj) (e.g. That car is totally bad-ass!): amazing; awesome (sl); awe-inspiring; bitchin’ (sl); cool; fly (sl); impressive; incredible; jaw-dropping; neat

Bagpiping (sl) (c.f. AXILLARY INTERCOURSE)
Balls (c.f. TESTICLES)
Bathroom: bogs (BR, euph); chamber (Br); cottage (i.e. public restroom used for gay sex) (Br, euph); crapper; head; lavatory (Br); necessarium (L); privy; restroom; tea room (i.e. public restroom used for gay sex); toilet; water closet (Br); WC (Br)  
Ben Wa Balls: benoit balls; Burmese bells; geisha balls; orgasm balls; vagina balls; Venus balls (c.f. TOY)
BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission (or) Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism): BDSM culture; bondage; D & S; D/s; dominants and submissives; doms and subs; The Lifestyle (NOTE: not to be confused with SWINGING (c.f.)); The Scene; S & M; S/M; tops and bottoms
BDSM activity (various types of): black sheet party; costume play; cosplay; edge play; ice play; knife play; play; role-playing; spanking; suspension; whipping; whip play
BDSM relationship (various types of): 24/7 (i.e. permanent relationship); Alpha; D/s; dominant-submissive; dom-sub; master-slave; power-exchange relationship; sub (or subby); switch (i.e. a partner who may assume both dominant and submissive roles); top-bottom; total power exchange
BDSM (participants in): bottom; Alpha; dom; lifestyler; master, ma’am, mistress, sir, slave; sub; switch; top
Beautiful (adj): alluring; attractive; beauteous (antq); becoming; bewitching; bonny; captivating; charming; comely; enchanting; enthralling; elegant; fair (antq); fascinating; fine (e.g. She was both fine and fair); fine (sl, depending on emphasis, e.g. Damn! You lookin’ fine girl); fly (sl) (e.g. That girl is fly); foxy; glamorous; graceful; hot (sl); intriguing; lovely; pretty; pulchritudinous (antq); seductive; sexy; ravishing; winsome
Beautiful Woman (c.f. ATTRACTIVE WOMAN): babe; belle; bombshell; Cleopatra; charmer; cheesecake; dish (sl); dream girl; enchantress (antq); goddess; fox; honey (e.g. She’s definitely a honey) (sl); hottie (super-hottie or über-hottie) (sl); it girl (sl); jazmyne (sl); looker; knockout; peach (sl); seductress (antq); sex goddess; sex kitten; sex pot; sex symbol; siren; stunner; supermodel (e.g. That girl is supermodel material); ten (e.g. She was a perfect ten); tomato (sl); Venus (or Aphrodite);
Bed (1: (n)): bedstead; berth; brass bed; bunk; cot; cradle; crib; day bed; four-poster; futon; hay (inf) (e.g. Guess I’ll hit the hay, he said); high riser; kip (Br, sl); loft bed; mattress; pallet; pedestal bed; platform bed; sack (inf) (e.g. It’s time to hit the sack!); trundle bed; waterbed
Bed (2: (n)): conjugality; consummation; connubiality; marriage; matrimony; nuptials; wedlock
Bed (3: (v)): consummate (i.e. as in a marriage or relationship); marry; take to wife (antq); to have marital relations; wed
Bed (4: (v) (i.e. to seduce)): e.g. He bedded her):  allure; conquer; entice; lure; seduce (c.f.); shack up with
Bed (5: (v) (i.e. to have sex)): bunk down with; get between the sheets; go to bed with; have sex (c.f.); have sex with; fuck (c.f.); retire with; sack out with (inf); sleep with; spend the night with; take to bed  
Bedroom: accommodation; bedchamber; berth (as on a ship or train); boudoir (Fr); crib (sl); flop; hotel room; master bedroom; motel room; pad (sl); place where the magic happens (euph); resting place; room; sleeping compartment; sleeping quarters; suite
Beefcake: man candy; eye candy; stud (c.f. ATTRACTIVE MAN: HANDSOME MAN)
Belt (n): baldric; band; binding; braid; cestus (antq); cincture (rope belt); cord; cordon; cummerbund; frontlet; girdle; ribbon; rope; sash; strap; thong (knotted rope; not to be confused with the lingerie item); twine; zone (antq)
Bi-sexual: AC-DC (sl); ambisexual; bi; switch hitter (euph)
Bi-sexuality: AC-DC (sl); ambisexuality; bi; bi-sexed; playing for both sides (or both teams) (sl); switch hitting (euph)
Black sheet party (i.e. BDSM sex orgy): (c.f. BDSM ACTIVITY (types of): ORGY)
Bling (or Bling-bling) (sl) (c.f. JEWELRY)
Blue balls (NOTE: BLUE BALLS describes both a physical and a psychological condition; that painful soreness in the once-expectant scrotum comes with a sobering sense of unfulfillment and frustration.)
Blue balls: abandoned; agony (in agony); checked; cock-blocked (sl); confounded; deflated; desolate (left desolate); disappointed; foiled; frustrated (sexually frustrated); left high and dry (euph); unmanned; shut down (e.g. She’d left and I’d been shut down); sore; swollen (painfully swollen); thwarted; unconsummated; unfinished; unfulfilled; unrelieved; unrequited; unsatisfied; unspent
Boi: bottom; butch; dyke-boi; genderqueer; submissive; trans-man;
Booty Call (c.f. SEXUAL ENCOUNTER)
Bosom (NOTE: BOSOM and BREASTS are not exactly the same thing, though the words are so frequently confused nowadays (even by some supposedly reliable authorities) that it seems futile to point out the distinction. The BOSOM or BREAST (singular) is the general area of the upper chest taken in as a whole, which includes the pectoral muscles as well as the breasts and the cleavage between them. BREASTS (plural) refer specifically to the mammary glands, and are a constituent part of the BOSOM. A woman may be described as “full-bosomed” or “bosomy”, meaning “full-breasted” or “large-breasted” but the general distinction remains; BOSOM is the whole package, BREASTS a distinct feature within that package. And while one may choose to say “bosom” to mean “breasts”, “bosoms” (plural) is NOT a proper synonym for “breasts” though it is fairly common in informal usage or as slang.)
Bosom (1: i.e. anatomical structure): breast; breasts (f); bust (f); chest; cleavage (f); pectoral muscles; pectorals; pecs (sl)  
Bosom (2: i.e. seat of the emotions): breast (sg), core, heart; soul
Bosomy (adj): big-breasted; big-chested; big-titted (inf); built; busty; chesty; endowed; full-bosomed; full-breasted; full-chested; large-breasted; stacked (sl); well-developed
Boy: callant (Br, antq); cub; dude (inf); fellow (young fellow); gossoon (IrE); guy (inf); kid (inf); lad; little man; man-child; master (formal, antq); punk (pej); spalpeen (IrE); stripling (antq); young gentleman; young man; young master; youngster; youth (c.f. MAN)
Boyfriend: BF; daddy; guy (e.g. That’s my guy, she said); guy friend; live-in; live-in lover; lover; lover boy; man (e.g. You’re my man); partner; posslq (i.e. person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters); significant other; SO
Bracelet: ankle bracelet; anklet; armlet; band (e.g. She wore a band of silver around her arm); circlet; necklet; slave bracelet; wristlet; zone

Brassiere (n): adhesive (stick-on); backless; balconette (shelf bra);  bandeau; bra; bralette; built-in; bullet; bustier; breast-pouch (antq); contour; convertible; cupless; demi-bra; demi-cup; front closure; full cup; full support; hard-cup; half-shelf; halter; harness (euph); leisure bra; lingerie; long-line bra; maternity bra (nursing bra); minimizer; padded; plunge; posture; push-up; racer-back; sheer; shelf; shutter; soft-cup; sports bra (athletic bra); stick-on; strapless bra; T-shirt bra; tit hammock (inf); tit sack (inf); tit sling (inf); training bra (trainer); underwire bra; Wunderbra (bn)   
Breast (sg): bosom (c.f. 2); chest; core; heart
Breasts (pl) (f): anthills (i.e. small, pointy breasts) (sl); baps (sl); bananas (sl); bazingas (i.e. small breasts) (sl) (lit. Prt, “bees”); bazookas (sl); ba-zooms (sl); beep-beeps (sl); bings (sl); blouse puppies (sl); boobs (sl); boobies (sl); bosoms (inf); breyasts (sl); Bristols (Br, sl); bumper bullets (sl, US 1950s); bust; cans (sl); casabas (sl); chesticles (sl); Dagmars (sl. US 1950s); dirty pillows (pej); ducks (sl); fooblosity (i.e. attractive cleavage) (sl); fun bags (sl); fun bubbles (sl); gazongas (sl); gamunjas (i.e. large pendulous breasts) (sl); girls (euph); globes; headlights (sl); hooters (sl); hqqters (txt, sl); jugs (euph); knockers (euph); lollapaloozas (sl); mammas (sl); mammaries; mammary glands (cl); mastoid (i.e. breast-like) (cl); melons (euph); orbs; pillows (euph); puppies (sl); rack (sl); saggy bags (sl); sweater puppies (sl); ta-tas (sl); teats (c.f. NIPPLES); tits; titties;  titas (Sp); Titten (Ger); twins (euph); twin peaks (euph); who-whos (sl)
Breasts (m): chest; man boobs; man breasts; moobs (sl); pecs (sl)
Brothel: academy (euph); bawdyhouse (antq); bordello; cathouse; comfort house; escort agency; geisha house; fleshpot; house of ill fame; house of ill repute; knocking house; pushing school; pussy farm; ranch (euph); red house; red-light academy; sporting house; stew (pl. stews) (antq); vaulting school (antq); whorehouse    
Bullshit (i.e. blatant untruths) (n) (c.f. LIE): bushwah; crock of crap; crock of shit; horse hockey; horse pucky; horseshit; lies; pack of lies; pile of crap; pile of shit;
Bullshit (i.e. to lie or speak untruth) (v): shit (to shit someone) (e.g. You’re shitting me, she said);
Bullshitter (n) (c.f. LIAR)
Bust (1: (n) (i.e. area between neck and waist)): bosom (c.f.); breasts (c.f.); chest; upper torso
Bust (2: (n)): cleavage; décolletage; headlights (sl);
Bust (3: (n)): bra-size; bumper bullets (sl, US 1950s); chest measurements; cup size
Butch (referring to some types of Lesbians): boi; bull-dyke; dyke-boi; king; mannish; masculine; stone butch
Butt crack (c.f. ASS CRACK)
Butt fucking (c.f. ANAL SEX)
Butt plug: ass plug; marital aid (euph); toy


Caress (1: (n)): brush; cuddle; embrace; fondling; graze; handling; hug; massage; stroking; touch
Caress (2: (v)): clasp; cuddle; embrace, fondle; graze; hold, hug, massage; nestle; nuzzle; pet; play with; snuggle; stroke; touch  
Carnal (1: (adj)): animal; animalistic; bodily; brutish; concupiscent; erotic; fleshly (of the flesh); lascivious; libidinous; lubricious; lustful; salacious; sensual (c.f.); voluptuous; wanton
Carnal (2: (adj) (pej)): bestial; coarse; crude; dirty; filthy; gross; impure; indecent; lecherous; lewd; pornographic (c.f.) prodigal; prurient (c.f.); smutty; unchaste; unclean; unholy; wanton; wayward
Casual Sex: fling; hookup; meaningless encounter; no strings attached; one night stand; pickup; roll; roll in the hay; something; thing; zipless fuck
Celibate (1: (n) i.e. state of being): celibacy; single (living single); solitary; solitude (living in solitude);
Celibate (2: (n) i.e. one who is celibate): bachelor; confirmed bachelor; hermit; monk; nun; old maid (f); oyster (e.g. He was as solitary as an oyster); solitary; spinster;
Celibate (3: (adj)): alone; cloistered; hermitic; hermit-like; cloistered; monkish; monk-like; nun-like; oyster-like; sexless; single; solitary; unattached
Cheesecake: eye candy; peach; sex object; tomato (c.f. ATTRACTIVE WOMAN: BEAUTIFUL WOMAN)
Chemise: nightgown; shift; sleeping gown; slip; underdress
Chest: bosom (c.f.); breast; pectorals (pectoral muscles) (cl); pecs (inf)   
Cisgender (cissexual): bio-born (female or male); born that way (inf); cis female; cis-gender; cis male; natural-born (female or male)  
Cleavage (1: (n) i.e. area separating the breasts or buttocks): bisection; canyon; chasm; chink; cleft; clough (Br); crack; cranny; crevasse; defile; gap; gorge; gully; fissure; fosse; fooblosity (i.e. attractive cleavage) (sl); furrow; interstice; line (line of division); notch; parting; ravine; rent; separation; slit; space; split; trench; rift   
Cleavage (2: (n) i.e. feature of women’s clothing, revealing part of the cleavage (1)): décolletage (c.f.); cut (e.g. The stylish cut of her gown left little to the imagination); low-cut; neckline; plunge; plunging neckline
Climax (n): apogee (Gr) (e.g. Her delight reached its apogee); culmination; death (fig); ecstasy (e.g. They achieved ecstasy); expiration; explosion (fig); finale (euph); finish; finish line (euph) (e.g. They reached the finish line together); grand finale (euph); height (e.g. At last, she came to the height of her bliss); moment of truth (euph); orgasm (c.f.); peak; petite mort (little death) (Fr, fig); supreme moment
Climax (v); achieve ecstasy; come (coming) (c.f.); cross the finish line (euph); culminate (antq); expire; explode; orgasm (c.f.); orgasming; reach the top of the mountain (fig)  
Clitoris; bud; bump; button; clit (inf); clitoral glans (cl) (i.e. the visible part of the organ); clitoral hood (cl) (i.e. flap of skin covering the unengorged clitoral glans); fun button; love knot; nub; pearl; sex (e.g. His fingers sought out her sex); woman’s nub
Cock (c.f. PENIS)
Cock and balls (c.f. GENITALIA (male))
Cocksucker (Note: COCKSUCKER (n) and COCK SUCKING (v): The noun is almost always used as a derogatory term for HOMOSEXUAL (c.f. 2.). Interestingly, most verbal constructions relate to HETEROSEXUAL (c.f.) forms of FELLATIO (c.f.) or, at least, make no distinction with regard to gender or sexual orientation.) 
Cocksucker (n):  cum chugger; fluffer (usu. pej):
Cock sucking: cum chugging (c.f. FELLATIO)
Cock Tease (Cocktease or Cockteaser) (n); cock whore; dick tease; calientapollar (Sp); game-player; skank; slag; slut; tease; temptress (antq); Schnepfe (Ger); vixen
Cock teasing (Cock-teasing) (v): fooling around; game-playing; show and tell; teasing; torture (e.g. She tortured him with her charms);
Coital (adj) (i.e. having to do with coitus): penetrative  
Coitus (or Coition): intercourse, sexual congress (c.f. HAVE SEX or FUCK)
Coitus interruptus (L, cl): pull-out method; pulling out; rejected intercourse (cl); stopping in the middle; withdrawl
Coitus reservatus (L, cl) (i.e. intercourse in which the penetrating partner refrains from ejaculating): cum-less fuck; holding back; karezza (It); prolonging the act; staying on this side of the line (euph)
Come (Note: COME versus CUM. A simple rule of thumb for usage in erotic writing; COME is most commonly employed as a verb (e.g. I’m coming! or He came on her breasts.)  CUM is always a noun, referring most commonly to the product of male ejaculation (e.g. He shot his hot cum all over her face.) but also, occasionally the fluid product of female arousal. COME may sometimes be used as a noun, but it is best to maintain the distinction, and, whatever one choses to do, always be consistent.)
Come (1: (v)): discharge; ejaculate (v) ( m): blow a load (m); blow a wad (m); bust a nut; empty the chamber (m); shoot a wad (m); climax (reach climax); get off; orgasm (achieve orgasm); shoot; shoot off; speed (antq); spend (antq); spurt; squirt (often f)
Come (2: (n)): cockamole  (sl) (i.e. portmanteau of cock and guacamole, comparing semen to avocado sauce); cum (cf); baby batter; baby gravy (sl); boy juice; cock snot; cream; dick juice; dick milk; dick snot; discharge; ejaculate (n) (cl); jism; jizz; load; love juice; love pudding; man glue; man juice; man milk; pre-come (or pre-cum); seminal fluid; skeet; spend (or spendings) (antq) (e.g. His spend dribbled down her face); splooge; spooge; spoogle; spunk
Condom: casing (euph); cock sock (sl); dinger (Auss) (sl); franger (Auss) (sl); French letter (Br) (sl); Frenchie (Br/Auss) (sl); glove (euph); jimmy; jimmy cap; jimmy hat (sl); johny (or) johny bag (Br, sl); Lifestyles (bn); love glove (sl); Magnum (bn); prophylactic (cl); protection; Ramses (bn); raincoat (sl); rubber; rubber johny; safe; sausage casing (euph); sheath (Br); Trojan (bn); weeny wrap (sl)
Corset: bustier; torture device (inf)
Courtesan: companion; escort, favorite; Geisha (Jp); Hetaera (Gr); high-class prostitute; high-end hooker; oiran (Jp); tawaif (Skt); tayu (Jp) (c.f. PROSTITUTE or WHORE)
Cowboy: caballero (Sp); cattle-driver; cow puncher; cowherd; cow herder; drover; drover boy; lineman; line-rider; puncher; puncher boy; wrangler
Crack (c.f. ASS CRACK or CLEAVAGE)  
Crescendo (NOTE: CRESCENDO versus CLIMAX. Originally a musical term (It), literally (and simply) meaning “getting louder”, CRESCENDO has been coopted, confused, and abused by so many writers of pretentiously awful erotica, that it’s probably best to avoid the term altogether. The verb “to crescendo” is all too often confused with the noun “climax” as in, They built up to a roaring crescendo. But crescendo is not the final destination, it is a description of the journey, as in, Their passion rose in a long, slow crescendo, culminating in a roaring climax, or Her cries crescendoed as her lover pushed her towards the brink. As always, use unusual or fancy words sparingly and with keen awareness of precise definition, the better not to be thought of as a pompous ass.)  
Crescendo (1: (v)): get louder; grow louder; grown more intense; increase (in volume); intensify; louden; move towards; rise (in volume or intensity); rise towards
Crescendo (2: (n)): intensifying; loudening; rising
Crop Top: belly shirt; cut-off shirt; half shirt; halter; halter top
Cross dresser: drag king; drag queen; transvestite
Crotch: chotch (f); cunt (f); genital area (c.f.); junk (sl); lap, pelvic region; pelvis; privates; pubis; pussy (f)
Crush (1: (n)): attraction (c.f.); infatuation; puppy love; secret attraction; thing
Crush (2: (v)): attracted to; crushing on (e.g. She was crushing on him); have a thing for (e.g. He had a thing for her); infatuated with
Cum (n) (c.f. COME (2)): baby batter; baby gravy (sl); boy juice; cock snot; cream; dick juice; dick milk; dick snot; ejaculate (n) (cl); jism; jizz; load; love juice; man juice; man milk; seminal fluid; skeet; splooge; spooge; spunk
Cunnilingus (or cunnilinction) (n): carpet munching; eating (eating out) (e.g. He ate her pussy); eating pussy; going down on (e.g. He went down on her); head; licking; muff diving; oral sex (c.f.); pussy-licking; tongue bath; tongue fuck  
Cunt (1: (n)): cunnus vulva (L, cl); cunny (antq, inf); (c.f. GENITALIA (female), GENITAL AREA, PUSSY, or VAGINA)
Cunt (2: insult usu. directed at women)
Cunt (3: insult directed at men)

Death wish: Thanatos
Décolletage (n): bust (c.f.); cleavage (c.f. 2); cut (e.g. The cut of her gown was quite low); neck; neckline; plunging neckline; strapless (strapless gown) (e.g. She appeared in a revealing strapless gown);
Décolleté (adj): low-necked; open; plunging (plunging neckline); revealing
Defecate (v): crap (crap out); do number two (euph); excrete; go potty (euph); grunt; make (making) (e.g. He was making in the bushes); push; sit on the porcelain throne (euph); shit; squat (e.g. She was having a squat or He was taking a squat); take a crap; take a dump; take a shit; two-ing it  
Delectable (adj): agreeable; charming; delightful; enchanting; enjoyable; gratifying; pleasant; pleasing; pleasurable; ravishing; satisfying
Delicious (adj): ambrosial; dainty; delectable; luscious; rich; savory; scrumptious; sweet; tasty; tender
Delight (1: (v)): amuse; bewitch; captivate; charm; divert; enchant; enrapture; enthrall; entrance; excite; fascinate; gladden; gratify; please; transport; thrill
Delight (2: (v)): feast on; indulge in; like; love; luxuriate in; relish; revel in; savor; take pleasure in
Delight (3: (n)): charm; content (contentedness); elation; enchantment; entrancement; exhilaration; felicity; gladness; gratification; happiness; joy; pleasure
Delightful (adj): agreeable; amiable; attractive; charming; congenial; delectable; delicious; enticing; exciting; fascinating; gratifying; inviting; lovely; pleasurable; tempting; thrilling; winsome

Demimonde (n) (c.f. SLUT)
Desire (1: (n)): appetite; ardor; craving; fancy; hankering; hope; hunger; longing; lust; relish; thirst; want; wanting; yearn; yearning; yen
Desire (2: (v)): fancy; hanker for; hope for; long for; lust after; pine for (pine after); want; yearn for; yen for
Diaphanous: see-through (c.f.) sheer; translucent   
Dick (c.f. PENIS)
Dick (insult): dickhead; dick hole; dick wad
Dick head (i.e. tip of penis) (c.f. GLANS)
Dick hole (i.e. male urethra, also pej): snake-eye; urethra (cl)
Diva (1): leading lady; prima donna
Diva (2: (pej)): bee-atch (sl); bitch; prima bee-atch; prima donna; princess; queen bee; queen bee-atch; queen bitch
Dominant (n): Alpha; alpha dog; big dog; boss; D (e.g. Theirs was a D/s relationship); Dom; Domina (f); dominator (m); dominatrix (f); domme (f); femm-dom (or FemDom) (f); master; mistress; Sir; top (c.f. SUBMISSIVE)
Dominant (adj): breaking; commanding; conquering; controlling; crushing; domineering; enslaving; enthralling; mastering; overpowering; subduing; subjugating; subordinating; ruling
Dominate (v): break; call the plays; call the shots; command; conquer; control; crack the whip (e.g. I’m the one who cracks the whip around here, she said); crush; domineer; enthrall; enslave; hold sway; humble; humiliate; master; overpower; reign over; subdue; subjugate; subject; subordinate; rule; wield power; wield the whip   
Drunk (NOTE: one may be drunk or intoxicated on love almost as easily as on that spigoted box of cheap wine from Costco.)
Drunk (i.e. in a state of inebriation): drunk off one’s ass; fallen off the wagon (euph); falling down drunk; hammered; high (usu. from drug use); high as a kite; inebriated; intoxicated; lubricated (euph); oiled (euph); pickled; plowed; polluted (euph); pissed (Br); shit-faced (inf); stoned (usu. from marijuana use); take-no-prisoners drunk; wasted; wrecked
Drunk with love: dizzy; ecstatic (c.f.); enraptured; giddy; high; intoxicated; lovesick; on a natural high; sick with love (Bib); walking on air  
Dry Hump, Dry Humping (n): frottage; frotteurism (nonconsensual); yiffing  (as in groups) (sl);
Dry Humping (v): chafing; genital rubbing; rubbing; tribing (referring to Lesbian sex); tribadism; yiffing


Eat or Eat Out (e.g. Eat out my pussy, she begged him): (c.f. ASS-LICKING, FELLATIO, CUNNILINGUS) 
Ecstasy (state of) (n): bliss (in bliss); elation; euphoria; exaltation; Nirvana; orgasm; orgasmic experience; out of body experience; rapture; ravishment; sublimity; trance; transport
Ecstatic (adj): angelic; beatific; blissful; enchanted; entranced; exultant; in heaven; in seventh heaven; in a trance; in a trance state; on cloud nine; rapt; seraphic; sublime; transported; walking on air
Ejaculate (n) (c.f. CUM)
Ejaculate (v) (c.f. COME)
Embrace: caress (c.f.); hug; squeeze 
Endowed (physically): built (well-built) (e.g. He was built like a tank or She was built like a brick shithouse); developed (well-developed) (e.g. She was delightfully well-developed); hung (well-hung) (m) (e.g. He was hung like a stallion); stacked (f) (e.g. She was stacked magnificently)
Engage (v) (i.e. commit to marriage): affiance; betroth; bind; commit; contract; covenant; cut out of the herd (euph); espouse; give one’s hand; pledge; plight one’s troth; promise; stipulate; read the banns (e.g. The banns having been read, the couple would soon be married)
Engaged (adj); affianced; betrothed; bound; committed; contracted; covenanted; espoused; having given one’s hand (e.g. She gave her hand to him or He won her hand); pledged; plighted (one’s troth); promised; spoken for; stipulated (c.f ATTACHED and MARRIAGE)   
Enter (v): come into; come inside; cram in; insert; penetrate; pierce; push in; put in; ram in; shove in; stick in; stab; thrust in
Erect (become erect) (v): become engorged; become erect; become hard; get hard; get a boner; get an erection; get a hard-on; get a stiffy; get wood
Erection (n): boner; chubby; engorgement; hardness; hard-on; morning erection; morning wood; rising; schwing (sl) (e.g. I take one look at that girl and . . . schwing!); stiffy; swelling; tumescence (swelling); uprising; wood; woody
Erogenous (adj): aphrodisiacal; arousing; erotic; sexy;
Erogenous zone: button (e.g. He knew exactly what button to push, and where to find it); fun button; G-spot (c.f.); pleasure spot; sensitive spot; tender spot; trigger; vulnerable spot
Eros: libido; sex drive (c.f. LUST)
Erotica (NOTE: EROTICA versus PORNOGRAPHY (c.f.). The words have been used interchangeably, their meanings conflated by so many for so long; the difference (or complete lack of any) debated so hotly without resolution or consensus, that it seems pointless, now, to make a case for differentiation. Puritans and prudes will always see smut wherever flesh is referenced, no matter how obliquely, while many of a more open-minded, sex-positive bent see no real value in a distinction. It does seem to matter a great deal to writers and publishers, though, whether due to peevish literary snobbery or mundane marketing concerns. For the purposes of this reference—focused as it is on the needs of serious authors—the words are regarded as possessing two similar but discrete meanings. PORNOGRAPHY deals with objects, focusing almost exclusively on the purely visible (i.e. graphic) physical aspects of the sex act. It eschews story, plot, conflict and character development in favor of vignettes featuring pure action, almost never reflected upon or analyzed in any serious or introspective way. EROTICA deals with subjects—characters—and while it may include a great deal of explicit physical description, it also concerns itself with the feelings and emotions of its actors, usually in a recognizable, coherent literary form.)
Erotica: sexy read (e.g. That was one sexy read!); sexy stories; soft core; steamy stories;
Erotic (adj): aphrodisiac; aphrodisiacal; erogenous; sexy;
Excrement (n): bowel movement; BM; caca (Sp); crap; crud; do; do-do; droppings; dung; excreta (L, cl); fecal matter; feces; feculence; filth; guano (usu. of bats or birds); grinder (grinders); grunt (or grunties); jack; manure (usu. of domestic animals); merde (Fr); muck; number two (euph); ordure; poo; poop (poopy or poopies); scat; scheiss (Ger); spoor (usu. of wild animals); stool; stools; turd (turds); waste  
Excruciating: agonizing; insufferable; painful; severe; torturous; unbearable 
Exquisite (1: (adj)): beautiful; consummate; excellent; fine; incomparable; matchless; peerless; precious; rare; splendid
Exquisite (2: (adj)): acute; intense; keen; piercing; poignant; sharp
Extramarital Sex: (c.f. Affair)


Falsies: nipple cups; nipple petals; pasties; titty tassels (sl)  
Fart (n): flatulence; flatus; wind
Fart (v): break wind; cut the cheese (euph); let gas; pass gas; pass wind
Feces (c.f. EXCREMENT)
Feel  (1: (v) (e.g. I want to feel your breasts, he said): caress; cop; cop a feel; feel up; fondle; fool around (fool around with); grope; paw; pet; play with; touch; toy with
Feel (2: (v) (e.g. She could feel his hand through her blouse): be aware of; sense
Fellate (v): blow (sl); draw into (one’s mouth); eat; feast; gobble; go down on (sl); imbibe; ingest; mouth; pull at; suck (c.f.); suck in; take in
Fellatio: blow job (or blowjob); BJ; blow; blowing; cock sucking (c.f.); deep throat; deep throating (e.g. She liked to deep throat his wang, or She was busy deep-throating the guy in the corner); feast; feast on (e.g. She feasted on his cock with gusto); fellate (i.e. to suck) (e.g. He’ll fellate anything that fits in his mouth); fellating; fluff; eat; gobble; go down on; going down on; head; give head; hum job; swallow (e.g. She swallowed his dick);
Feminine (NOTE: FEMININE and MASCULINE (c.f.). Given that these words come with their own noxious freight-load of obsolete values and discredited patriarchal assumptions concerning gender characteristics, writers should proceed with some caution. Surely no one having seen an episode of Xena, Warrior Princess or Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be so foolish as to consider words like “docile”, “soft” or “weak” as universally appropriate (or even remotely accurate) substitutes for FEMININE. Nor, in this day and age, does MASCULINE exclusively (or even necessarily) convey concepts such as “bravery”, “nobility” or “strength”. However, in the name of thoroughness, a separate subheading has been added to include a list of these antiquated synonyms.)
Feminine (1: (adj)): female; girlish; girly (inf); womanly
Feminine (2: (adj) characteristics traditionally associated with femininity): deferential; delicate; docile; genteel; graceful; lady-like refined; soft; submissive
Feminine (3: pej as applied to men): effeminate; effete; girly (girly-man); sissy; sissified; soft; pansy; pantywaist; pussy (c.f.); unmasculine; unmanly; weak; wimpy; wussy (ANT: MASCULINE, VIRILE c.f.)
Ferocious (adj): animalistic; bestial; feral; fierce; wild; wolfish
Fetish: aphrodisiac (c.f.); compulsion; erotic fixation (cl); fixation; idol; magic symbol; object of arousal; object of desire; sexual compulsion; talisman; trigger; turn-on (c.f.)
Finger Fuck: digital penetration (cl); finger bang
Flaccid: detumescence (cl) (i.e. the state of being flaccid) (antq); drooping; flabby; lax; limp; pendulous; sagging; slack; soft; unfirm
Fleshpot: brothel; orgy; Sodom and Gomorra (Bib); stew (pl. stews)
Footwear (women’s): flip flops (sandals); heels; high heels; low-risers; Mary Janes (i.e. flat shoe with strap); open-toed (heels, shoes, sandals etc.); pumps; running shoes; sandals; stiletto heels
Footwear (men’s): boots; flip flops; hip waders; loafers; riding boots; running shoes; sandals; work boots
Foreskin: casing (euph); cock meat (inf); pig-in-a-blanket (euph); sheath; weenie bun (euph); weenie wrapper; wrapper
Frenulum (i.e. the narrow, pendulous connecting point between scrotum and groin): (c.f. GENITALIA (MALE))
Frottage: dry humping (c.f.); genital rubbing; outercourse; rubbing; scissoring (f); tribing (f)
Frot (i.e. male-to-male genital rubbing); genito-genital rubbing (cl); GG rubbing; interfemoral intercourse (cl); outercourse (c.f. FROTTAGE: NON-PENETRATIV E SEX) 
Fuck (1: (n)): bang; beef injection (or hot beef injection) (sl); carnal embrace; carnal knowledge (antq); coition; coitus (cl); congress; consummation; copulation; coupling; diddling (or diddle); getting some; family business (euph); fooling around; fornication; frig (BR, sl); funny business; hanky-panky; horizontal dance (sl); horizontal mambo (sl); horizontal hula (sl); horizontal pushups (sl); houghmagandy (pertaining to adultery) (antq); joining; intimacy; intercourse (sexual intercourse); knowledge (antq); marital embrace; mating; nooner; nookie (or nooky); party (euph); penetration (cl); piece of ass; piece of tail; playing around; poo-tang; poontang; pootie tang; quickie; sex act; sexual congress; sexual intercourse;  sexual relations; sexual union;  shag (Br); slap and tickle; sleep together; tail (getting some tail); tap-ass (e.g. ‘Tap that ass,’ he groaned); the act; the hot and sloppy; the nasty; trim (getting some trim); union; wax-ass
Fuck (2: (v)) (c.f. HAVE SEX): ball; bang; bed (c.f.) (e.g. He bedded her); be intimate with; boff; boink; bone; bonk (Br); bump; bump fuzzies; bump nasties; bump uglies; bumsen (to get laid) (Ger); chingar (to fuck) (Sp); consummate (e.g. They consummated their relationship); couple (e.g. They coupled); copulate; cove (antq); diddle; do (e.g. I’d love to do her, he said); do it; do the nasty; do the dirty; do the hot and sloppy; eff (sl); enjoy (antq) (e.g. He enjoyed the lady) fick (Ger); get it on; get laid; have carnal relations; have knowledge of; have sex with; have sexual relations with; have intimate relations; hose; hump; know (antq); know in the Biblical sense; lie with (or lay with); make love; make the beast with two backs (antq); make whoppy; mate (e.g. They mated); nail (e.g. I’d sure like to nail her); pair; pair off; play hide the salami; plow; poke; pork (porking); pound; pound the punanni pavement (sl); rodger (rodgering) (Br) (e.g. He rodgered her in the upstairs bedroom); roll in the hay; root; rut; schtup (Yd); screw; scrog (or skrog); scromp (or skrump); scuff; shaboink (sl); shag (Br); sive (antq); sleep with; sport (e.g. They sported together); tap; tupp (antq); vögeln (to bang or screw) (Ger);
Fuck (3: Insult): Chingate (Sp); get fucked; go fuck yourself; fuck off!; screw you!
Fuck Buddy (Fuck Buddies): casual relationship; companions; friend(s) with benefits; FWB; no-strings-attached relationship; sexual companions (sexual companionship)


G-Spot: pleasure point; trigger point
Gang bang (NOTE: in erotic writing this term may denote at least two different types of activity; (1) refers to gang rape (clearly nonconsensual), while (2) is an informal term for consensual GROUP SEX  (c.f.)  Most common in modern urban parlance, (3) refers to criminal gang activity.)
Gang bang (or gangbang) (1: (n)): gang rape
Gang bang (or gangbang) (2: (n)): group sex; orgy (c.f.); sex party
Gang bang (3: (n)): brawl; fight; riot; rumble
Gang bang (4: (v)): brawling (to brawl); fighting (to fight); gang-related activity; gang violence; mixing it up; rumbling (to rumble)
Gangbanger (n): gang member; gansta; gangster (c.f.); street fighter
Gangster (n): gang banger; gangsta (sl); goon; hood; mobster; punk (c.f.); thug
Gay (NOTE: The good news is that almost all the adjectives once employed as slurs aimed at LGTB folk have become—or are rapidly becoming—obsolete and antiquated, wielded now by only the most backward or atavistic of  homophobes.)     
Gay (1: (n)): catamite; fag (or faggot) (usu. pej); fairy (pej); flit; fruit (pej); girly-man (pej); homophile (cl); homosexual (cl, can be pej) (c.f.); homo (pej); lesbian (f) (c.f.); nance (sl, pej); nancy-boy (Br, sl, pej); pansy (pej); poof (or poofter) (Br, sl); queen (sl); queer (usu. pej); same-sex; third sex; twin spirit (NA); whoops-getter (Br, sl, pej); whoopsie (Br, sl, pej)  
Gay (2: (adj)): homoerotic (cl); homophilic; homosexual; same-sex attraction;
Gay (3: (adj) (pej)): bent; effeminate; faggy; flitty; fruity; girly; limp-wristed; perverse; perverted; poofy; queer; sexually inverted; sissy; swishy (sl)
Gay (4: (adj)): airy; bright; bright-colored; buoyant; chipper; effervescent; garish; gaudy; gleeful; happy; jolly; jovial; jubilant; loud; merry; mirthful; resplendent; rollicking; sunny; vibrant; vivacious; vivid  
Genitalia (female): chotch; clam; cunt; equipment (euph); girl parts; junk (sl); kitty; lady parts; peach; pudendum (or pudenda); punanni (or punanny); pussy; stuff; twat; vagina (c.f.)
Genitalia (male):  boy parts; cock and balls; equipment (euph); junk (sl); frenulum (i.e. connecting point between scrotum and groin); man parts; pudendum (or pudenda); stuff; three-piece set; twig and berries; wedding tackle (euph)
Genital area (female): beaver; chotch; clam; crotch; cunt; groin; inner thigh; junk (sl); kitty; lap, loins; pelvis; pubic triangle; pubis (cl); punanni; pussy
Genital area (male): crotch; groin; inner thigh; junk; lap; loins; pelvis; pubis
Girl (NOTE: A mature, sensitive and discerning man (or woman) well knows and appreciates the difference between a GIRL and a WOMAN. Yet, in the most rigidly politically correct situations, referring to a female of any age as a GIRL is considered insulting and chauvinistic. Unfortunately, there seems to be no clear rule about when it is or isn’t acceptable to employ this term for “young female”. Some young females insist on being spoken of only as WOMEN (c.f.), while lots of reasonably liberated women have no problem being referred to—or referring to themselves—as girls. As always, when writing good fiction, let the characters speak honestly and for themselves.)
Girl: babe (inf); colleen (IrE); daughter (e.g. She was a daughter of grace); damoiselle (Fr); damesl (antq); demoiselle (Fr); filly (inf); Fraulein (Ger); gal (sl); girlie (antq) (e.g. Settle down there, girlie!) kitten; lass; lassie; mademoiselle (Fr); maid (or maiden) (antq); miss; nymph; nymphet; princess; sister; sista (sl); young lady; young woman (c.f. WOMAN)
Girlfriend: babe; baby; babygirl; best girl; bitch (sl, often pej); boo (sl); chick; GF; girl (my girl); inamorata; live-in; live-in lover; lover (c.f.); lover girl; mama; old lady (sl); partner; piece (usu. pej); posslq (i.e. person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters); significant other; SO; special friend; steady girl; squeeze (main squeeze); thing; woman (my woman)
Glamor (NOTE: GLAMOR versus GLIMMER. Both words may be used to describe magical spells in which persons or things are enchanted in order to be perceived as something other than or different from themselves. (e.g. The ugly witch glamored the knight, who thereafter saw her only as a beautiful maiden.) GLAMOR, in its contemporary sense of artful allure or luxurious attractiveness, is no longer interchangeable with (and only obliquely related to) GLIMMER, which can be employed to describe something shiny or highly reflective.)
Glamor (or glamour) (n): allure; appeal; attractiveness; beauty; bewitchment; captivation; charm; comeliness; entrancement; fascination; loveliness; ravishment (enravishment); seduction; seductiveness; prettiness; pulchritude   
Glans ( i.e. tip of the penis): crown; dick head; head; head of the penis; helmet; knob; penis head (c.f.); tip
Glans (Clitoral Glans) (i.e. the visible “head” of the clitoris) (c.f. CLITORIS)
Glow (n): beam; blaze; brightness; effulgence; flame; flare; flicker; glint; glisten; glitter; incandescence; iridescence; illumination; luminosity; luster; radiance; refulgence; resplendence; shimmer; shine; spark; sparkle; splendor; twinkle; vividness (c.f. AFTERGLOW)
Glowing (adj): beaming; blazing; effulgent; glimmering; glistening; glittering; lambent; refulgent; resplendent; shimmering; shining; sparkling; twinkling  
Group Sex (n): bunga bunga (swimming pool or underwater orgy); circle jerk; double penetration (or DP); gang bang (or gangbang) (c.f.); f/m/f (female-male-female group); foursome (ménage a quatre); four-way; hard swap (penetrative); full-swap (penetrative); m/f/m (male-female-male group); ménage a trois (Fr) (pl: ménages a trois); sex party; soft-swap (non-penetrative); threesome; three-way; mixed doubles (euph); orgy; same-room sex; swinging (c.f.); wife swapping


Half-naked: in a state of partial undress (c.f. UNDRESS (2)); scantily clad; shirtless; topless (naked from waist up)
Handsome: comely (usu. f); fair (usu. f); fine; fine-looking; good-looking; easy on the eyes; easy to look at; nicely put together; not hard to look at; sightly; well-formed; well-proportioned (c.f. ATTRATIVE, BEAUTIFUL)
Handsome Man: Adonis (antq); Apollo (antq); athletic; attractive man (c.f.); beautiful (rarely applied to men) (c.f.); beefcake; chiseled; cute; cute guy (inf); god (Greek God, Norse God, Wagnerian God etc.); god-like; good-looking (guy, man, fellow); hunk; manly man; rugged; strapping; striking; virile (c.f.); well-built
Have Sex; amorous congress (antq); basket making (antq, euph); blanket hornpipe (antq) (e.g. They danced the blanket hornpipe together); blow the grounsils (i.e. have sex on the floor) (antq, euph); bread and butter fashion (antq, euph) (e.g. He found his wife bread and butter fashion with his best friend); brush (antq) (e.g. I had a brush with her a few years back); clicket (antq); chingar (to fuck) (Sp); coition; coitus (L, cl); convivial society (antq, euph); do it; do the hot and sloppy; face-making (antq, euph); follar (Sp); fuck (c.f.); get it on; get some; get some tail; get some ass; get a piece of ass; get a piece of tail; green gown (i.e. have sex on the grass) (antq) (e.g. He gave her a green gown); horizontal pushups; how’s your father (Br, euph) (e.g. They went off for a round of how’s your father); make love (to or with); joder (Sp); melting moments (i.e. sex between fat people) (antq, euph); St. George (i.e. have sex with woman on top) (antq); schtup (Ydd); screw; sleep with (or sleep together); take a flyer (i.e. have sex while fully clothed) (antq); tiff (i.e. a quickie or a nooner) (antq);
Heterosexual (n): breeder (pej); dangler (m); hetero (inf); het (pl. hets) (inf, usu pej); straight
Heterosexual relationship: boy-girl; hetero (inf); hetero normative; m/f; opposite-sex; straight
Hole: aperture; borehole; cave; cavern; chasm; chink; crack; crevice; eye; fissure; gap; hollow; maw; mouth; notch; opening; orifice (c.f.); os (cl); slit; slot; space; rift; vent; well
Homosexual (NOTE: Some in the LGBT community have begun to regard the clinical term HOMOSEXUAL as offensive when employed as a noun; and no wonder, since homophobes have employed it as a derogatory term for generations. At the same time, many gay and lesbian activists have embraced once-poisoned appellations like “fag” and “queer” as badges of pride. As of now, “gay” is the most common and widely accepted word for a homosexual man or men. Women may occasionally be referred to as gay, but the more widely accepted word is “Lesbian”.)
Homosexual (1: (n)): fag (usu. pej); gay (c.f.); lesbian (f) (c.f.); queer (usu. pej); tribadist (f) (antq); third sex; twin spirit (NA);
Homosexual (2: (n) (pej)): a gay (e.g. He’s a gay); ass bandit; ass spelunker; butt ranger; butt pirate; butt-slut; cock sucker; fag; faggot; fairy; fudge packer; the gays (e.g. We’re not like the gays, the homophobe declared); queen; queer; Rectum Romeo; shit packer; Sodomite (antq); whoopsy  (c.f. LESBIAN (2) (pej))
Homosexual (3: (adj)): gay; queer; same-sex
Homosexual attraction: boy crush; girl crush; homoerotic attraction; man crush; same-sex attraction
Homosexual relationship: f/f; gay; girl on girl; guy on guy; lesbian; m/m; same-sex
Horn Dog (or Horndog) (c.f. PROMISCUOUS MAN)
Horny: amatory: amorous (c.f.); aroused; fired up; full of (sexual) desire; full of lust; hot (c.f. (2)); hot for; hot to trot (sl); lovesick; on the make; on the prowl; randy; sex hungry; sexed up; turned on 
Hot (NOTE: Possibly the single-most overused word in all erotic writing; and certainly one of the most misused. Employ sparingly, and with acute awareness of the word’s two discrete functions. HOT (1.) meaning beautiful or extremely attractive, is an adjective with dozens of synonyms, and is easily avoided. HOT (2.) describes the state of being aroused (possibly by observing somebody who qualifies as hot?) again, with many readily available substitutes.)  
Hot (1. (adj)): attractive (c.f.); beautiful (c.f.); beddable (e.g. She was definitely beddable); chic; enthralling; eye-filling; fine (e.g. He’s so fine!); fly (sl) (e.g. That girl is fly!); foxy; fuckable (e.g. That chick is totally fuckable); sexy (c.f.); smoking (smokin’) (sl) (e.g. That babe is smokin’!)
Hot (2. (i.e. to be aroused)): amorous; aroused; horny (c.f.); in heat (f); sexed up; turned on
Hymen (NOTE: A number of popular on-line thesaurus sites have compiled long lists of synonyms for HYMEN—as many as 22 words in one instance. Unfortunately, but for a tiny handful of words, these sources are completely wrong.  The hymen is a thin membrane or fleshy covering stretching partially across the vaginal opening of young females—nothing else. It is not located “inside” the vagina, nor should it be confused with the G-SPOT (c.f.) or CLITORIS (c.f.) or LABIA (c.f.) or any other distinct component of female GENITALIA (c.f.). It is not to be confused with the AMNION (embryonic sac). As always, when in doubt about human anatomy, consult a good, well-sourced textbook or encyclopedia.)
Hymen (n) (cl): maidenhead; virginal membrane (cl)
Hymenial (Hymenial Rites) (c.f. MARRIAGE)


Incredible (1: (adj) (i.e. not credible or unbelievable)): absurd; beyond belief; beyond credibility; dubious; fictitious; fishy (inf); inconceivable; improbable; mythical; preposterous; questionable; strange; suspect; suspicious; unbelievable (c.f.); unimaginable; unlikely; unreal; unrealistic
Incredible (2: (adj) (i.e. extraordinary or wonderful)): amazing; astonishing; astounding; awe-inspiring; extraordinary; fabulous; fantastic; marvelous; miraculous; tremendous; wonderful
Intense (adj): balls to the wall; blazing; brilliant; burning; consuming; deep; exquisite; flaming; flaring; flashing; ferocious; fierce; no holds barred; profound; rich; strong; vivid


Jewelry: adornments; baubles; bijouterie (Fr); bling (or bling-bling) (sl); decorations; finery; gems; glitter; glitz; lavalieres; rings and things; rocks (i.e. precious stones in settings, usu. rings); shiny things; silver and gold; stones; vajazzle (c.f.)
Jewelry (types of): anklet; armlet; bracelet (c.f.); chain; diadem; diamond (diamonds); earrings; lavaliere; necklace; necklet; piercing; ring; ruby (rubies); tiara; torque; wristlet
Jimmy (c.f. CONDOM)
John: customer; patron; sex tourist; trick
John Thomas (c.f. PENIS)
Johny (c.f. CONDOM)


Kink (n): fetish; game (euph); perversion (usu. pej) (c.f.); the strange; turn-on; twist
Kinky (NOTE: almost all synonyms for KINKY are atavistically pejorative or derogatory. Never mind that many kinky things, once ignorantly regarded as symptomatic of mental illness or sociopathic tendencies, have now begun to emerge, if not into the mainstream, at least into a greater light of understanding. The word, having thus lost most of its transgressive potency, is synonymous with nothing so much as “a willingness to seem different”. Someone into a KINKY LIFESTYLE (c.f.) is no longer reflexively condemned as a pervert; but, more often, hailed as a NONCONFORMIST (c.f.))      
Kinky (1: (adj)): adventurous; adventuresome; alt; alternative; different; flamboyant; non-normative (cl); non-traditional; open-minded; unconventional  
Kinky (2: (adj) (usu. pej)): abnormal; bent; blatant; degenerate; depraved; deviant; heterodox (i.e. non-believer or heretic); heteromorphic (i.e. deviating from the norm) (cl); in-your-face; lascivious; left-handed (antq); lewd; naughty; non-normative sexual behavior; paraphilic; perverted; pervy (sl); provocative; strange; titillating; twisted; unconventional; unnatural; warped  (ANT: VANILLA; STRAIGHT)
Kinky Lifestyle (types of): alt; alternative lifestyle; BDSM (c.f.); fetish (c.f.); Leather (c.f.); SSC (i.e. safe, sane and consensual); RACK (i.e. risk-aware consensual kink)  
Kiss: buss; canoodle; French kiss (i.e. with tongues); Frencher (sl); mack (sl); osculate (L, cl); peck; smack; smooch; wet one (e.g. Come here and give me a big wet one, he said);
Kissing; bussing; canoodling; Frenching (i.e. kissing with tongues); lip action; lip-sucking; macking; making out (c.f.); necking; osculation (cl); parking; tonsil hockey (sl) 
Knickers (Br): drawers; panties (c.f.); underpants


Labia: blossoms (euph); crease; curls (woman’s curls); flower petals (euph); folds; ladyflower; lips; lower lips; nether lips; pussy lips; rose petals (euph); slit; woman’s lips; woman’s petals (euph)
Labia Majora (cl): outer lips (c.f. LABIA)
Labia Minora (cl): inner lips (c.f. LABIA)
Lay (NOTE: LAY versus LIE: Very often confused, especially in their various tenses, these two verbs continue to bedevil many an aspiring writer. Simple rule of thumb: To lay is to put a thing down (e.g. He laid the girl on the bed). To lie is to rest horizontally or to recline. (e.g. She was lying on her back).)  

Lay (1: (v) i.e. to place a thing somewhere): deposit; dump; incline; lean; leave; locate; park; place; plant; put; put down; rest; seat; set; settle; situate; stick
Lay (2: (n) i.e. sex partner) (e.g. She’s an incredible lay, he boasted) (c.f. FUCK (1))
Lay (Get laid) (3: (v) i.e. to have sex) (c.f. HAVE SEX)
Leather (1: (n)): animal skin; cowhide; rawhide; skin
Leather (2: (n)) i.e. the leather lifestyle or subculture): culture; leather-men (leather-women; leather-folk); lifestyle; subculture; uniform
Lesbian (1.): boi (occ. term of endearment for butch); fricatrice (antq, pej); sapphist (antq); tribade (or tribadist) (antq)
Lesbian (2: (pej)): bull dagger; bull dyke; butch; carpet muncher; dyke; lesbo; lipstick lesbian; muff-diver; queer; scissorchick; stone butch
Liar (n): bullshit artist (inf); bullshitter (c.f.); con artist; conman; deluder; dissembler; fabulist; falsifier; fibber; fibster; prevaricator; pseudologist (antq); scheister (lit. Ger “shitter”); shit salesman (inf); story-teller; teller of tall tales; yarner (antq); yarn-spinner
Lie (pl Lies) (n): bald-faced lie; baloney (inf); bare-faced lie; big lie; bull; bull crap; bullshit (inf) (c.f.); canard; cock and bull story; crap (inf); departure from the truth; fabrication; falsehood; falsification; falsity; fib; fiction; fish story; hoax; hogwash; horse hockey; horse pucky; horse shit; little white lie(s); little white one(s); mendacity; nonsense; shaggy dog story; story; story out of school (e.g. He’s been telling stories out of school); tall tale; untruth; pack of lies; whopper (inf)
Lie (1: (v) (i.e. to speak untruths)): belie; bullshit (inf); commit perjury (i.e. lying under oath); con (e.g. He’s conning you); dissemble; fabricate; fake; falsify; fib; invent; invent out of whole cloth; make up; mince the truth; prevaricate; put on; shit (inf) (e.g. You’re shitting me, she cried); spout falsehoods;
Lie (2: (v) (i.e. to rest horizontally)): be prostrate; be recumbent; be supine; laze; loll; lounge; recline; relax; rest; repose; slouch; slump; spread out; sprawl
Libido: Eros; get up and go (sl); sex drive
Lingerie: bra and panties; camisole; drawers; knickers (Br); panties (c.f.); petticoats (antq); underthings; unmentionables (euph); underwear (c.f.)
Lithe (adj): bendable; flexible; limber; lissome; lithesome; loose-limbed; malleable; nimble; pliant; supple (c.f.)
Loins (1: area around the hips): flanks; haunches; hips
Loins (2: lower abdominal region): bowels; core; gut; insides; intestines  
Loins (3: pubic region): genitalia (c.f.); private parts; privates; reproductive organs
Loins (4: seat of courage or sexual vigor): courage; guts; manliness; potency; power; prowess; stamina; virility
Love (1: (n)): adoration; affection; ardor; attachment; beyond admiration; care a lot for; caring; closeness; craving; devotion; emotion; esteem; fancy; fervor; flame; infatuation; intimacy; more-than-friends; more-than-liking; mutual affection; passion; pining; rapture; wanting; yearning;
Love (2: (v)): admire; adore; adulate; be attracted to; be fond of; be in love with; be infatuated with; be smitten; burn for; care about; care for; cherish; crush on; delight in; have affection for; have a liking for; have a passion for; have the hots for (sl); hold dear; idolize; jones after (sl); pant for; pine for (pine after); treasure; want; worship; yearn for
Love affair (c.f. AFFAIR (2))
Lover: amorist; amour; beau; bedmate; boyfriend (c.f.); friend(s) with benefits (euph); FWB (friends with benefits); fuck buddy; girlfriend (c.f.); inamorata; infatuate (antq) (e.g. The young infatuate pined for her); intime (Fr); paramour; partner; Romeo; sex partner; suitor; swain (antq); wooer (antq)
Lovesick (adj): drunk with love (c.f.); fixated; giddy; gobsmacked; head over heels (in love); infatuated; obsessed; sick of love (Bib); smitten
Lubricate, Lubrication: become damp (grow damp); get wet, moisten; oil; slicken
Lubricant: Astroglide (bn); K-Y (bn), K-Y Jelly (bn); lotion; lube; motion lotion (inf); silicone-based lube; oil; Vaseline (bn);
Lubricious (adj): horny; lustful; randy
Lubricity (n) (c.f. LUST (2))
Lust (1: (n)): animal urge; appetite; avidity (antq); biological urge; desire; Eros; greed; hormones (euph); hot-bloodedness; hunger; in heat (being in heat); libido; longing; rapacity; ravenousness; sex drive; urge; wolfishness
Lust (2: (n)): animality; carnality; concupiscence; debauchery; dissipation; dissolution; dissoluteness; erotomania (cl); goatishness; horniness; incontinence; intemperance; lasciviousness; lecherousness; lechery; lewdness; libertinism (antq); lubricity; nymphomania (cl); profligacy; prurience; randiness; salaciousness; salacity; satyrism; sensuality; unchastity; venery; wantonness   
Lust (3: (v)): ache for; be consumed (with desire); crave; desire; go insane over; hanker for; have an itch for; hunger after; hunger for; hurt for; jones after (jones for) (sl); long for; lust after; pine for; pursue; run mad after


Machismo (aggressively masculine attitude): bravado; chauvinist (male chauvinist); macho (macho man); sexist; testosterone; testosterone-fueled
Macho: Alpha male; big dog (top dog) (inf); bravado; butch (inf); manly; masculine (c.f.); testosterone; testosterone-fueled; virile (c.f.)
Madam: brothel keeper; businesswoman (euph); house mother; lady-pimp; mistress; pimpette (sl); procuress (antq)    
Make out (v): fool around; heavy petting; kissing (c.f.); mack (sl); mess around (euph); neck; park; play around; smooching; snog (Br); spark; spoon; sport; tonsil hockey (e.g. I caught them playing tonsil hockey);  
Male escort; gigolo; he-slut; him-bo; man-scort; man-whore
Man: boy; dude; fellow; gentleman; guy; lad
Man boobs (c.f. BREASTS (m))
Marital (adj): bridal; conjugal; connubial; concubinial (antq); epithalamial (i.e. related to wedding songs) (also, epithalamia; epithalamion) (antq); husbandly; hymeneal (antq); married; matrimonial; nuptial; spousal; uxorial (antq); wedded; wifely
Marriage: bond of matrimony; conjugal tie (knot or bond); match; matrimony (holy matrimony); wedding knot; wedlock (holy wedlock)
Marriage ceremony; exchange vows; face the firing squad (euph, usu. m); get hitched; hymeneal rite (antq); jump the broom (AfAm); make an honest man (or woman) of (e.g. Let me make an honest woman of you, he said); make it legal; make it official; meet under the chuppah (Jw); read the Ketubah (Jw); solemnity; solemnize the vows; stand before a justice of the peace (priest, rabbi, minister etc.); wedding
Married: coupled; hitched (inf); joined in matrimony; joined in wedlock; mated; matched; one (e.g. These two are now one); one flesh (of one flesh); spliced; wedded; yoked
Masculine (1): macho; male; manly; virile (c.f.)
Masculine (2: pej as applied to women): Amazon; butch; mannish; stone butch; unfeminine; unwomanly
Masculinity: machismo; maleness; manliness; prowess; puissance; virility
Masturbation: abuse one’s self (antq, V-E, pej); beat off; beat the meat; hand job; hand fuck; jerk off; playing with one’s self; pressing; pull; pulling; rub one out (e.g. She rubbed one out last night); self-gratification; self-abuse (antq, V-E, pej); spank the money; stroking; toss (Br); toss (Br); wank (Br); whack; whack off; yank
Masturbator: jerk; jerk-off; Onanist (Bib, antq); pud-puller; pud-whacker; self-abuser (antq euph); tosser (Br); wanker (Br); weed-whacker (sl); Wichser (Ger)
Midriff (1: (n) (i.e. anatomical structure)): abdomen; diaphragm; middle; waist
Midriff (2: (n) (i.e. that part of a garment that covers (or bares) the midriff)): middle; mid-section; waist
Mistress (1: (n)): concubine; courtesan; kept woman; odalisque; paramour; part-time lover (inf); thing on the side (euph); 
Mistress (2: (n)): dominatrix; domina (c.f. BDSM (PARTICIPANTS IN)
Mound; delta; Mound of Venus (mons venera) (cl); mons (cl); pie; pubis (cl); pussy (c.f. 1); triangle 
Mutual Masturbation: circle jerk (circle jerking) (m); frot (m) (c.f.); manual intercourse; scissoring (f); tribing (f)   


Naked: au naturel (Fr); bare; bare-assed (inf); disrobed; in the altogether (or, in the heroic altogether) (antq, euph); in the buff; in (his/her) birthday suit (euph); in the raw; indecent; moon-clad; mother naked; nude; not decent (euph); stark naked; starkers (Br, sl); unadorned; unappareled; unclothed; uncovered; undraped; undressed; ungarmented;  without a stich
Nakedness: bare; birthday suit (euph); in a state of nature (euph); nudity; the altogether (in the altogether) (euph); the buff (in the buff) (inf); the raw (in the raw) (inf)  
Nightgown: babydoll (babydoll nightie); chemise (c.f.); negligée; nightie (inf)

Nipples: bazingas (lit. Port. “bees”); beads; bees; berries; buds; dots; dug (dugs); mamilla (cl); pap (paps); papilla (cl); pegs; nubs; nubbins; raisins; teats; tits (c.f. BREASTS)

Nipples (shapes and sizes): dimpled; dot-like; down-thermometer (low-thermometer); droopy; flat (cl); high-beam; inverted (cl); low-beam; normal (cl); pancake; perky; prominent; puffy; shy; sporty; up thermometer (high thermometer)
Nonconformist: altboy; altgirl; deviate; deviant; dropout; freak; freethinker; kinkster; loner; maverick; misfit; punk; radical  
Nonconsensual: against one’s will; forced; forcible; rapacious ; violation
Nonconsensual Sex: forced intercourse; forced sex; forced upon (e.g. He forced himself upon her); rape; ravishment (antq); statutory rape; taking advantage of (euph) (e.g. He took advantage of her in the foyer); violate; violation
Non-Penetrative Sex: axillary intercourse (cl) (c.f.); bagpiping (penis rubbed against or through a partner’s armpit); directing traffic (sl); dubbing (sl); dry humping; dry sex; foot job (i.e. stimulating genitals with the feet); freaking (sl) (i.e. dance involving frottage and/or clothed genital rubbing); frot (c.f.); frottage (c.f.); genito-genital rubbing (cl); GG rubbing; grinding (dance involving frottage); hand job; heavy petting; intercural intercourse (or interfemoral intercourse) (cl) (i.e. inserting penis or genitals between partner’s legs or thighs); intergluteal intercourse (penis between partner’s buttocks); lap dancing; mammary intercourse (penis rubbed between partner’s breasts); manual intercourse; mutual masturbation (c.f.); outercourse; pit-wanking (sl) (penis rubbed against or through armpit); Princeton Rub (or Ivy League Rub) (sl); sandwich dancing (dance involving frottage); scissoring (f); scrumping; sumata (Jp); tit-wanking (interlacteal intercourse); titty fucking; tribing (f) (i.e. vulva to vulva rubbing); Zulu Style
Nubile: adolescent; budding; developing; mature; marriageable; of age (of sufficient age); pubescent (c.f.); ripe
Nude (c.f. NAKED)
Nudity (c.f. NACKEDNESS)
Nymphomaniac (c.f. PROMISCUOUS WOMAN): erotomaniac; nympho (or nymphet) (sl); sex addict; slut


Ogle (v): check out (inf) (e.g. He was checking her out: She checked out his butt); eye-bang (eye-fuck or eye-rape) (sl) (e.g. That chick’s been eye-raping you all night long); flirt (with one’s eyes); give a side glance; give a sidelong glance; give the once-over (e.g. She gave him a quick once-over); have sex with one’s eyes (e.g. He’s been having sex with you with his eyes); leer; look one up and down (e.g. She looked him up and down approvingly); make eyes at; making eyes at (e.g. He’s making eyes at me!); make calf’s eyes at; make goo-goo eyes; make puppy dog eyes; make sheep’s eyes; scan (e.g. He scanned her from head to toe); stare; undress with one’s eyes (e.g. He undressed her with his eyes)
Orifice: cavity; eye; hole (c.f.); maw; mouth; opening; os (cl); slit; vent  
Oral Sex; cunnilingus (licking female genitalia); Anilingus (licking the anus); fellatio (sucking male genitalia); going down on; eating (e.g. he ate her pussy); eating out (e.g. she ate out his ass); giving head; mouth fucking; oral pleasure (oral pleasuring); tongue bath; tongue fuck; suck off
Orgasm (1: (n)): acme; apogee; climax (c.f.); coming; consummation; crowning point; culmination; death (fig); explosion; fruition; high point; peak; petite mort (Little Death) (Fr, fig); supreme moment; zenith  
Orgasm (2: (v)): achieve bliss; achieve ecstasy; come (c.f.); climax (c.f.); die (fig); expire (fig); explode (fig); get off
Orgasmic (adj):  blissful; delirious; ecstatic; elated; exalted; excited; exhilarated; floating; flying; glowing; in bliss; in heaven; in paradise; in seventh heaven; on cloud nine (sl); overcome; rapturous; ravished; sublime; thrilled; transported; walking on air
Orgiastic (adj): abandoned; bacchic; bacchanalian; debauched; Dionysian; dissolute; dissipated; frenetic; frenzied; licentious; riotous; undisciplined; uninhibited; unrestrained; wanton; wild
Orgy: bacchanal (or bacchanalia); black sheet party (BDSM sex orgy); bender (inf); binge (inf); bungabunga (i.e. orgy in swimming pool or water); carouse; carousal; debauch; Dionysia; group grope (sl); jag (sl); love-in; love-fest; revel; revelry; saturnalia; sex party; spree; tear (sl); toot (sl); Wesson-oil party (‘70s US, sl); wild party
Outercourse (c.f. NON-PENETRATIVE SEX)


Panties (NOTE: those writers of erotic historical fiction should be aware that the word PANTIES did not come into the English language until 1908 (MWC 11th ed.) and was not in common usage before the 1920s. The British equivalent, KNICKERS did not appear until the very late 19th or early 20th century (the term may or may not be related to the American “knickerbockers” (1881), a type of gathered short pants. (MWC)  Nothing is more annoying than blatant anachronism in an otherwise well-written historical narrative.)
Panties: drawers; French knickers; gusset; knickers (Br); tap pants; tennis panties; underpants; undershorts
Pants (women’s): blue jeans; Capri pants (or Capris); Guesses (Guess jeans (bn); jeans; pedal pushers (calf-length trousers); slacks; tap pants
Pants (men’s): blue jeans; breeches; britches (inf); chinos; corduroys (corduroy pants); cutoffs; denims (denim jeans); Dockers (bn); jeans; Lee’s (blue jeans) (bn); trousers; trunks (swimming trunks); Wranglers ( blue jeans) (bn)
Penis (1: male sex organ): carrot; cock; dick; dildo; dong; dragon; fucking post; fuck stick; girth; Johnson; John Thomas; knob (or nob); lizard; manhood; member; one-eyed monster; organ; pecker; pénis (Fr); pee-pee (euph); peter; phallus (Gr) (pl. phalloi or phalluses); pillar; pizzle (antq); pole; pollo (Sp); prang; prick; prong; prowess; ramrod; rod; schlong; schmekle (Ydd); schwanz (Ger/Ydd); shaft; slab; tally whacker; thing; tower; trouser snake; trunk; tube steak (sl); wang; wank (Br); weeny (sl); wick; wiener (sl); willy (Br, sl); wing-wang; wood; woody (c.f. ERECTION)
Penis (2: large penis): hung (e.g. That guy is hung like a horse) (c.f. ENDOWED); lunker; monster; prowess; tree trunk; trunk
Penis (3: small penis) (usu. derog): pencil dick; pinga (Sp); puttz (or putz) (Ydd); soft-serve (sl); softy; thimble dick; weeny  
Penis (4: insult): dick; dickhead; dick wad; dildo; pecker; peckerhead; peckerwood; prick; schmuck (Ydd); pichacorta (little dick) (Sp); pencil dick; putz (or puttz) (Ydd); thimble dick; schmuck (Ydd); softy; wank (Br)
Penis head: crown; dick head; glans (cl) (c.f.); head (head of the penis); helmet; knob; tip
Perverse (adj) (i.e. state of being corrupt; improper; incorrect): aberrant; abnormal; against nature; contrary; crazy; depraved; deviant; distorted; evil; freakish; incongruous; mad (insane); monstrous; nuts (inf); odd; peculiar; queer; sick; strange; twisted; unnatural; vile; warped; wayward; wild
Perversion (1: (n) (i.e. condition of being perverted)): aberrance; abnormality; corruption; decadence; deviance; depravity; doing the strange; getting one’s freak on; getting (or being) kinky; incongruity; naughtiness; oddness; orneriness;  paraphilia; peculiarity; perversity; pervy (sl); strangeness; wickedness
Perversion (2: (n) (i.e. perverted form or aberrant (usu. sexual) practice)): aberration; corruption; decadence; deviance; depravity; erotomania; fetishism; kinkiness (c.f. KINK); lewdness; licentiousness; oddness; paraphilia (paraphilic);  strangeness; wickedness  
Perversity (n): aberrance (aberrancy); abnormality; deviation; contrariness; contradictoriness; contumaciousness; contumacy; incongruity; incongruousness; oddness; peculiarity; queerness; strangeness; waywardness
Pervert (1: (n)): corruptor (antq); creep; deviate; deviant; degenerate; dirty old man; erotomaniac; fiend; freak; funny uncle; heteroclite; oddball; paraphiliac; perv (inf); psycho; sex fiend; sicko (inf); wacko (inf); weirdo (inf)
Pervert (2: (v) (i.e. to corrupt)): corrupt; deform; degrade; disfigure; distort; exploit; prostitute; ruin; seduce; spoil; twist; uglify
Petticoat: farthingale (antq); half-slip; lingerie; shift; slip; undergarment; underwear (c.f.) 
Pimp (1: (n)): brothel-keeper; businessman (euph); flesh peddler; gentleman of leisure (antq); hustler; mack; Madam (f) (c.f); manager (euph); maquereau; pander; panderer; P.I.M.P. (Person Into Marketing Prostitutes) (sl); procurer (m); procuress (f); pussy-wrangler; whoremaster (antq); whoremonger (antq)
Pimp (2: (v)): advertise; display; procure (antq); promote (e.g. He pimped his wares on the shopping channels); sell (e.g. He would pimp her out to the highest bidder)
Pimp (3: (adj, sl)): bling-bling; blinged out; cool; gawdy; tricked out (sl)
Pimp (4: (v) (sl)): bling-out (sl); customize; upgrade
Pimp (5: (v) (sl)): fool (someone) (e.g. We really fooled that guy— pimped him good); play a practical joke on; play a prank on; prank  
Pirate: abductor; bandit; buccaneer; cateran; corsair; cut-throat; cyber-pirate; despoiler; freebooter; highwayman; hijacker; kidnapper; looter; marauder; pillager; plunderer; predator; privateer; raider; rapist; rapparee; ravager; rover; rustler; salty dog; sea dog; sea rover; sea wolf; thief  
Piss (1: (n)) (c.f. URINE)
Piss (2: (v)) (c.f. URINATE)
Pit wanking (sl) (c.f. AXILARY INTERCOURSE)
Polyamorie: communal love; group love; multi-partnered relationship
Polyamorous (adj)
Pomosexuality: omnisexual; pansexual; without orientation; without specific orientation; unaffiliated  
Pornographic (1: (adj)): adult (euph); blatant; carnal; explicit (sexually explicit) graphic; illicit; mature (euph); overt (overtly sexual); uncensored; unfiltered
Pornographic (2: (adj)): dirty; filthy; kinky; lowdown; masturbatory; naughty; perverted; prurient; racy; risqué; salacious; sexy; sick; smutty; trashy; uncouth; unprintable; unrefined; unsubtle
Pornography (c.f. EROTICA and editor’s note on EROTICA versus PORNOGRAPHY.)
Pornography (n): adult entertainment (euph); dirty books; dirty movies; dirty pictures; dreck; filth (pej); fuck book; hardcore; porn; pulp; smut; soft core; stroke book; trash; triple-X (movies and videos); X-rated (movies) 
Pre-come (NOTE: While the present work is in no way intended as a textbook on human physiology or anatomy, there are far too many writers who do not seem to understand the nature or natural behavior of PRE-COME, either because they do not themselves own or have easy access to a PENIS (c.f.) for purposes of reference and research. The term refers to those small, clear, colorless droplets of viscous fluid that form on the tip of the penis during the initial stage of arousal, most often slowly oozing out of the urethra, so subtly as at first to be unnoticed. Chemically and functionally not the same thing as SEMEN (c.f., also COME or CUM), its behavior can be quite different. Depending on the individual, pre-come may or may not spurt out or gush forth, and seldom arrives in sufficient quantity to dampen anything more than the GLANS (c.f.), though, over time in some cases, enough may seep out to build up a sticky lubrication of the shaft. Pre-come itself does not make a particularly effective long-lasting lubricant, as it can quickly become sticky or tacky. Writers need to take such physiological niceties into account if they themselves wish to be taken seriously.)

Pre-come (or Pre-cum) (n): Cowper’s fluid (cl); drop; droplet; evidence of arousal; fluid; harbinger (harbinger of arousal or desire); inkling (first inkling of arousal); lotion; liquid; lubrication; moisture (e.g. There was a hint of moisture at the tip of his penis); pre-ejaculate (pre-ejaculate fluid) (cl); pre-ejaculatory fluid (cl); pre-seminal fluid (cl); substance (sticky substance, tacky substance) (c.f. SEMEN, COME, or CUM)

Pre-marital Sex: fornication (i.e. having sex out of wedlock); hanky-panky; sewing wild oats; tomcatting (tomcatting around); whoring around
Promiscuity (n): abandon (sexual abandon, wild abandon); debauchery; getting around (e.g. That girl gets around); horniness; hot; hot to trot; lack of restraint; lasciviousness; laxness; lecherousness; lewdness; licentiousness; looseness; lubricity; on the make; salaciousness; shamelessness; sleeping around; sluttishness; tomcatting around; unchastity; wantonness; whoring around; whorishness 

Promiscuous (adj): abandoned; cheap; concupiscent (antq); debauched; dissolute; easy; fast; goatish; horny; hot; hot for (e.g. She was hot for sex, anytime, anywhere); immodest; impure; indecent; lascivious; lax (antq); lecherous; lewd; libertine (antq); libidinous; licentious; loose; lubricious; lustful; hot to trot; of easy virtue; on the make; rakish (antq); ruttish (antq); salacious; satyric (or satyrlike) (antq); shameless; slutty; trashy; unchaste; uninhibited; unrestrained; wanton; whorish; wild

Promiscuous man: artist (euph); bedhopper; benedick (antq); blade; butt-slut; Casanova; debaucher (antq); dirty old man; dog; Don Juan; Don Giovanni; fancy man; fornicator (antq); goat; he-bitch; him-bo (sl); horn dog (or horndog); hound; hustler; lady killer; lady’s man; lecher (or letch); libertine; Lothario (antq); mack daddy (sl); make-out artist; man-ho; man-slut; man-whore; mujeriego (Sp); pickup artist; playboy; player (or playa) (sl); poon-hound (or poon-dog) (sl); pussyman (sl); rake (antq); rip (sl); roué (Fr, antq); satyr; seducer (c.f.); sex addict; sex geek; sex freak; skirt-chaser; slut puppy; tomcat; voluptuary; wencher (antq); wolf; womanizer  
Promiscuous woman: activist (sl, pej): adventuress (antq); baggage (antq); bint (Br); chippy; cocktease; cocotte (Fr); cooze; coquette (Fr); cougar (i.e. older promiscuous woman) (sl); cum slut; cunt; demimonde; easy lay; floozie; fornicatrix (antq); harlot; ho; ho-bag; hoe; honey pot; hoochie; hoochie-coochie girl; hood-rat; hussy (antq); lobster pot (antq, euph); man trap; nymphomaniac (cl); nympho (or nymphet) (sl); panthea (sl); scrubber; seductress (c.f.); sex addict; siren; skank; slag; slapper; slattern (antq); slut; slut-bag; snatch; strumpet (antq); sure-thing; tart; town bicycle (antq, sl); tramp; trollop; twat; vamp; village bicycle (antq, sl); village hobbyhorse (antq, sl); wench; whore (c.f.); woman of easy virtue;
Prostitute (1: (n) (female)): call girl; camp follower (antq); courtesan (c.f.); escort; hooker; whore (c.f.)  
Prostitute (2: (n) (male)): male escort; man-whore; midnight cowboy (euph); rent boy (Auss); (c.f. WHORE)
Prostitute (2: (v)): cheapen; lower; sell (one’s self) (e.g. She sold herself for a pittance);
Prude (n): bluenose; goody-goody; goody-two-shoes; fuddy-duddy; ice queen; Mrs. Grundy; nice nelly (antq); nun; old maid; prig; puritan; Victorian
Prudish (adj): blue-nosed; frigid; icy; prissy; puritanical; sex-negative; straight-laced; uptight; Victorian; virginal
Prurient (NOTE: PRURIENT is regularly employed as a catchall to describe any sort of illicit sexual feeling or state. In fact, PRURIENT has a much narrower meaning; a prurient thing is that which inspires or arouses “immoderate or unwholesome interest or desire.” (c.f. Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition (2008))
Prurient: alluring; arousing; exciting; inciting; inducing; inflaming; provocative; provoking; seducing; seductive; tantalizing; teasing; tempting; thrilling; tickling; titillating   
Pubescence (n): covering (i.e. of the genitals with hair); peach fuzz; pubic hair
Pubescent (adj) (i.e. genitals covered with soft, short hairs at the onset of puberty): developed; having reached puberty; mature; nubile (f) (c.f.)
Pubic Hair: bush (sl); carpet; lawn; landing strip; manhood; matt; minge (Br) (sl); patch; pubes; pubescence (c.f.); pelos de los heuvos (m); pelos de los coño (f); pendejo (pej) (Sp); short hairs; short and curlies; sward; womanhood 
Pubis (c.f. GENITAL AREA)
Pudendum (cl) (pl. pudenda) (i.e. external sex organs) (c.f. GENITALIA)
Punk; bully; cyberpunk; delinquent; gangster (c.f.); goon; hood; mobster; rowdy; ruffian; thug (c.f. NONCONFORMIST)
Pussy (Note: this term can be used to mean, (1) the whole of a woman’s genital region, (2) specifically, to mean VAGINA (c.f.), or (3) as an insult directed mostly at men, implying weakness or lack of masculinity.)
Pussy (1: (female genital region)) (c.f. CROTCH or GENITALIA (FEMALE)
Pussy (2: (c.f. VAGINA)) 
Pussy (3: (insult, usu. directed at men): cunt; door mat; girly man; milk sop (antq); milquetoast (antq); pansy; patsy; pushover; twit; topsey; softy; sissy; weakling; wimp; wuss (wimp/pussy)
Pussy fart (c.f. QUEEFE)
Pussy juice: come (or cum); ejaculate; vaginal fluid (cl); woman’s natural lubricant   
Pussy licking (c.f. CUNNILINGUS)


Queefe (n): pussy fart; twat fart; vaginal flatulence (cl)
Queefe  (queefed) (v) (e.g. She would always queefe when she was about to climax)
Queen (i.e. Drag Queen) (c.f. Cross-Dresser)
Queen (c.f. HOMOSEXUAL)
Queer (c.f. HOMOSEXUAL)
Quim (c.f. VAGINA)
Quirt (c.f. WHIP)


Racy (adj): adult (euph); bawdy; blue (inf); coarse; crude; explicit; filthy; gross; immodest; indecent; indelicate; lewd; locker-room (inf); mature (euph); naughty; obscene; off-color; pornographic (c.f.); porny (or porn-ish) (inf); raunchy; risqué (c.f.); rude; shameless; smutty; suggestive; vulgar

Ravish (NOTE: RAVISH versus RAVAGE. Though both verbs may be descriptive of violence (ravage in its broadest sense, ravish in its narrowest), the words properly describe two different types of action. To RAVAGE is to act destructively, wreak havoc or lay waste. To RAVISH (1) is to carry off, seduce or rape, or (2) to be overcome with emotion.)

Ravish (1: (v) (i.e. to rape or steal)): abduct; abscond with; assault; carry off; deflower; have one’s way with; make off with; overcome; overwhelm; rape; seduce; seize; steal; take advantage of (euph); take by force; usurp; violate

Ravish (2: (v) (i.e. to be overcome with emotion)): allure (c.f.); bewitch; charm; dazzle; delight; electrify; enchant; enrapture; enthrall; entice; entrance

Ravishing (adj): alluring (c.f.); attractive (c.f.); bewitching; captivating; charming; dazzling; enchanting; enthralling; fascinating; jaw-dropping; intriguing; pleasing; seductive; spellbinding; striking

Red-Light District: akasen (red-lined area) (Jp); aosen (blue-lined (illegal) area) (Jp); The Bowery (New York City) (antq); Boyztown (Thailand); Combat Zone (Boston); The Deuce (New York City, Times Square) (antq); De Wallen (Amsterdam); de Pijp (Amsterdam); Five Points (New York City) (antq): Gropecunt Lane (or Grope Lane) (UK) (antq); King’s Cross (London, Sydney); Piccadilly Circus (London) (antq); pleasure district; Seventh Avenue (New York City) (antq); Singel (Amsterdam); Soho (London); Soi-Cowboy (Bangkok); Soi-Bang-La (Patong Beach, Thailand);  sporting district (US, antq); Storyville (New Orleans) (antq); Tenderloin (San Francisco, New York City); walking street; Whitechapel (London) (antq); Zona de Tolerancia (Mexico)
Ring: band; circlet; roundel; wedding band
Risqué (adj): adult (euph); blue (inf); broad; censorable; crude; dirty; disgusting; earthy; filthy; foul-mouthed; gross; improper; improprietous; indecent; indecorous; indelicate; in poor taste; locker-room (inf) (e.g. That’s locker-room talk); mature (euph); nasty; naughty; not fit for delicate ears;  not fit for mixed company; not fit for polite society; not fit to print; obscene; off-color (inf); offensive; pornographic (c.f.); Rabelaisian; racy (c.f.); raunchy; ribald; rough; salacious; salty; scabrous; scatological; spicy; suggestive; ribald; rude; shameless; shocking; unprintable; unrefined; unseemly; vulgar; wicked
Romance (1: (n) (i.e. love relationship)):  affaire d’amour (i.e. love affair) (Fr); affaire de coeur (i.e. affair of the heart) (Fr); amour; fairy-tale romance; happily-ever-after; happy-ending; hearts and flowers; intrigue; love (c.f.); love affair; love relationship; romantic affair; romantic attachment    
Romance (2: (n)): courtship; pursuit; seduction; wooing
Romance (3: (v)): court; make love to (NOTE: in this sense, a sex act is not implied) (antq); pay address to; pay court to; pay suit to; pursue; sue (e.g. He sued for her affections) (antq); woo (antq)
Romance (4: (n) (i.e. story or work of fiction)): bodice-ripper; escapist fiction; Gothic romance; fairy tale; flight of fancy; fantasy; Harlequin romance (bn); invention; legend; love story; novel; Regency romance; story; tale
Rub (1: (v)): brush; buff; burnish; caress; chafe; embrocate; fondle; frot (Fr); graze; groom; knead; massage; palm; pat; pet; stroke  
Rub (2: (n)): buffing; caress; caressing; chafing; fondling; friction; grooming; kneading; massage; massaging; palming; patting; petting; rubbing against; rubbing down; stroke; stroking  


Sadism: brutality; cruelty; getting off on the pain of others; taking pleasure in other’s pain; torture
Sadist: master of pain; tormentor; torturer;
Sadistic: brutal; callous; heartless; perverse (c.f.); perverted (c.f.); ruthless; vicious;
Sadomasochism: algolagnia (antq); BDSM (c.f.); S & M; S/M  
Scantily clad; half-naked; in a revealing outfit (dress, costume etc.) in a skimpy outfit (dress, costume etc.); in a state of partial undress (c.f. UNDRESS (3))
Scissors or Scissoring: girl-on-girl; tribing; tribadism (antq) (c.f. NON-PENETRATIVE SEX)
Scrotum: ball sack; nut sack; pouch; punching bag (c.f. GENITALIA (MALE))
Seducer (m): Casanova; charmer; Don Juan; flirt; gigolo; incubus; Lothario; philanderer; pickup artist; playboy; player (or playa) (sl); Romeo; tempter;
Seduction (n): allure; allurement; bait; beguilement; blandishment; coaxing; cajoling; enticement; forbidden fruit; inveiglement; lure; snare; temptation; trap; wheedling
Seductive (adj): alluring; beguiling; come-hither (e.g. She gave him a come-hither stare); sexy; suggestive;
Seductress (f): enchantress; femme fatale (Fr); Lamia; Lorelei; succubus; temptress; vamp; vampire
See-through: diaphanous (c.f.); filmy; gauzy; glassy; gossamer (or gossamery); naked; revealing; sheer; subtle (c.f. (2)); thin; translucent; transparent (transparently thin)
Semen: (c.f. CUM and/or COME); jism; jizz (sl); spooge; spunk; sperm; seed (antq)
Sensual (NOTE: SENSUAL versus SENSUOUS: a simple rule of thumb for remembering the difference between these two very similar, albeit subtly distinct, adjectives; what is sensual is often sexual; what is sensuous is occasionally sumptuous or luxurious. In real-world usage, much to the horror of the pedants, the words have become virtually interchangeable, and in their secondary definitions at least, synonymous.  Still, best not to use both in too close proximity.)
Sensual (1: (adj)): animal; bodily; carnal; fleshly; hedonistic; sybaritic; voluptuary 
Sensual (2: (adj)): arousing; erogenous; erotic; seductive; sexual; sexually attractive; sexy; sultry; voluptuous
Sensuous (1: (adj)): gratifying; luscious; lush; luxurious; rich; sensorial; sumptuous;
Sensuous (2: (adj)): fleshly; seductive; sexually attractive; sexy; voluptuous
Sex (the act): coition; coital (gerund; of having sex) fuck: make love: do it; screw; (c.f. FUCK or HAVE SEX)
Sex (genitals): clitoris; cunt; pussy; vulva (f); penis; penis and testicles (m); pudendum (pl. pudenda) (c.f. GENITALIA (FEMALE), GENITALIA (MALE))
Sex Toy (c.f. TOY)
Sexual Encounter; affair (c.f.); assignation; booty call; date (euph); hookup; rendezvous; tryst
Sexually-transmitted disease (STD) (c.f. VENEREAL DISEASE)
Sex-up (v): arouse (c.f.); get horny; have sex with (e.g. I’m going to sex you up); turn on  
Sexy (NOTE: SEXY can mean either (1) sexually stimulating or appealing, or (2) beautiful or attractive)
Sexy  (1: (adj)): alluring; arousing; concupiscent; erotic; erogenous; lubricious; sensual
Sexy  (2: (adj)): attractive (c.f.); beautiful (c.f.); fly (sl); gorgeous; drop-dead gorgeous; hot (sl); smokin’ (sl)
Shit (1: (n)) (c.f. EXCREMENT)
Shit (2: (v)) (c.f. DEFECATE)
Shoes (c.f. FOOTWEAR)
Shorts (NOTE: Shorts can refer either to (1, 2) undergarments worn by men or women, (3) all or part of a swim suit, or (4, 5) regular articles of clothing worn either by men or women. In all cases, the wearer’s legs are uncovered.)
Shorts (1: undergarments, men’s): boxer shorts; boxers; briefs; tighty-whities (briefs); underpants; undershorts
Shorts (2: undergarments, women’s): panties; bikini bottom; underpants;
Shorts (3: swimming costume): bikini bottom; Speedos (bn); swimming togs; togs; trunks; 
Shorts (4: regular article of clothing, men’s): cutoffs
Shorts (5: regular article of clothing, women’s): cutoffs; Daisy Dukes (i.e. extremely short cutoff jeans); short shorts;
Sixty-nine; 69; soixante-neuf  (Fr)
Skimpy (adj): brief; flimsy; inadequate; leaving little to the imagination; revealing; scant; scanty; sheer; short; slight; slinky
Skin-tight (adj): body-hugging; curve-hugging; figure-revealing; form-fitting; form-hugging; shrink-wrapped (e.g. It looked as if she’d been shrink-wrapped); skin-hugging; slinky
Slut (n): bawd (antq); cock-slut; cum-slut; cocktease (c.f.); demi-monde (Fr); ho; lobster kettle (euph, antq); nymphomaniac (c.f.); nympho; Schlampe (Ger); tease (c.f.); trollop (antq); whore (c.f.)

Slutty (adj): adventuresome (euph); easy; fast; loose; promiscuous
Spell (n) (i.e. magical formula or incantation): cantrip; casting; charm; conjuration; bedevilment; bewitchment; enchantment; geas; glamour; glimmer; incantation; weirding (antq)
Spend (v) (c.f. COME (v) or EJACULATE (v))
Spend (spending or spendings) (n) (antq) (c.f. COME (n))
Spent: emptied; finished; having come; having had an orgasm; hollowed out; used up; wasted; worn out
STD (sexually-transmitted disease) (c.f. VENEREAL DISEASE)
Stimulus (n): aphrodisiac (c.f.); boost; catalyst; fillip; turn-on; upper
Strap (n): belt; braid; cord; ligament; ligature; lash; link; spaghetti strap; string; tendon; thong; tie
Strapless: bare-shouldered; shoulderless; 
Strip (v): bare (e.g. She bared herself); disrobe; get naked; peel; reveal; show; slip out of one’s clothes; striptease; take off one’s clothes; take it all off; take it off; uncover; undress (c.f.)
Stripper: dancer; burlesque dancer; burlesque girl; exotic dancer; pole dancer; stripteaser  
Stroke (v): tickle; touch
Submissive (n): boi; boy; bottom; puppy; slave; sub; subby (inf)
Submissive (adj): docile; obedient; servile; supple (c.f.); yielding
Subtle (1: (adj)): buoyant; floating; light
Subtle (2 (adj)): diaphanous (c.f.); sheer; silken; tenuous; thin; transparent
Subtle (3: (adj)): delicate; elegant; fine; exquisite; intricate (ANT: OBVIOUS)
Subtle (4: (adj)): adroit; artful; astute; crafty; cunning; deft; dexterous; skillful
Suck (v): draw into (one’s mouth); eat (sl); fellate; gobble; imbibe; ingest; mouth; pull at; suck in; take in
Suggestive (adj): erogenous; erotic; racy (cf); risqué (cf);
Supple (1: (adj)): agile; bendable; elastic; flexible; flexile; flexuous; limber; lissom; lithe; lithesome; loose-limbed; nimble; pliant; pliable; sinuous; willowy
Supple (2: (adj)): accepting; acquiescent; agreeable; compliant; docile; easy; malleable; passive; receptive; submissive (c.f.); tame; unresistant; willing; yielding
Swinger: lifestyler; wife-swapper
Swinging:  hard-swap (penetrative); The Lifestyle (Note: not to be confused with BDSM); key club; key party; soft-swap (non-penetrative); Swingstock; wife-swapping
Switch: top/bottom


T-shirt: singlet; T; Tee; wife-beater (singlet);
Taint: anal triangle (cl); chode (or choad) (sl); gooch (sl); groin; grundle; landing strip (sl); lower rabbus (Br); perineum (cl); urogenital triangle (cl); vestibule (euph)
Tantric Sex: eastern sexual practices (euph); Kana Sutra; mystical sex; ritual sex; ritualistic sex; sexual magic; sexual mysticism; slow sex   
Tank Suit (usu. a sleeveless bathing costume): maillot; one-piece
Tank Top: halter; halter top; sleeveless top; sleeveless T
Tattoo (1: (n)): body art; ink; tatt (pl. tats) (inf); tramp stamp (pej)
Tattoo (2: (n)): beat; cadence; call to arms; drum beat; signal; warning
Tease (1: (n)): cocktease (cockteaser); flirt
Tease (2: (v)): aggravate; annoy; bother; bug (sl); drive one crazy; drive one nuts; fool around; harass; hassle (sl); haze; irritate; pester; pick on; pique; play around; provoke; taunt; torment; torture; vex
Tender: delicate; easy; gentle; lambent; light; mellow; sensitive; smooth; soft; subtle; sweet; warm
Tenderness: delicacy; gentleness; lightness; softness; subtlety; sympathy; sweetness; warmth
Testicles (1: (n)): balls; berries; bolas (Sp); bollocks (Br); boys (inf); cojones; (Sp); crown jewels; dingle berries; family jewels; giggle berries; gonads; guys (inf); hermes (or herms); huevos (eggs) (Sp); nads; nards; nuts; oysters (euph); pelotas (Sp); rocks; stones; swing-lows (sl); testes (cl); wedding tackle (euph)
Testicles (2: (n) (i.e. seat of manhood or source of manliness)): balls; cojones (Sp); cojonazos (big balls) (Sp); gonads; nads; rocks; stones
Thrill (1: (n)): bang (sl); blast (sl); buzz (sl); charge (sl); entrancement; excitement; excitation; fix (sl); high (highs) (sl); jollies (sl); kick (kicks) (sl)
Thrill (2: (v)): arouse (c.f.); awaken; charm; electrify; enrapture; entrance; enthrall; excite; fire; fire up; galvanize; impassion; intoxicate; move; overpower; overwhelm; rivet; rouse; stimulate; stir; titillate; touch; turn-on (c.f.); work up
Top (1: (n)) (c.f. DOMINANT)
Top (2: (v)) (c.f. DOMINATE)
Tourist; amateur; armchair- (e.g. armchair swinger; armchair kinkster; armchair warrior etc.); dabbler; gawker; hick; looky loo; lurker; observer; outsider; rubbernecker; wannabe; wannabe player; weekend player; weekend warrior
Toy (sex toy): Ben Wa Balls (c.f.); butt plug; device; dildo; marital aid (euph); sex toy; stroker; vibrator
Toy (n): boy toy; dalliance; fling; plaything; puppet; trophy
Transsexual: boi; gynandromorph (cl); hermaphrodite (i.e. Hermes + Aphrodite); ladyboy (inf, usu. of prostitutes); tranny (sl); trans man (transman); trans woman (transwoman)  
Transvestite (NOTE: a TRANSVESTITE denotes a CROSS DRESSER (c.f.) of either sex, and has nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender identity. It is not a synonym for HOMOSEXUAL (c.f.), and is most certainly not one for TRANSSEXUAL (c.f.), notwithstanding generations of careless conflation and sloppy usage.)
Transvestite (c.f. CROSS DRESSER)
Turn-on (1: (n)): Aphrodisiac; catalyst (sexual catalyst); stimulant; stimulus (pl stimuli); trigger
Turn on (2: (v)): Arouse; do it for (e.g. You really do it for me, baby); excite; fire up; get a hard on (get a stiffy, get a chubby, get wood) (m); get off (e.g. That really gets me off, he said); get wet (f); sex up; thrill; tickle; titillate; trip the trigger (e.g. “Now that trips my trigger,” she said); work up (e.g. I take one look at you and I get all worked up)
Turn-off (n): anaphrodisiac (cl); bummer; downer; mood-killer; revulsion; spoiler; willy-wilter (inf)
Turned off (in a state of being): bummed; depressed; disgusted; (in a state of) dysphoria; gagged; nauseated; repulsed; revolted; uninterested


Ugly (adj): bad-looking; butt-ugly (inf); deformed; disagreeable; displeasing; gross; hard on the eyes (euph); foul (foul-looking); fugly (sl) (i.e. “fucking ugly”); grotesque; hard-featured; hideous; homely; horrid; ill-favored (antq); less than aesthetically pleasing (euph); loathsome; misshapen; monstrous; mug-ugly; mugly (i.e. “mug-ugly”); not much on looks (euph); not much to look at; plain; plain-featured; plain-looking; pug-ugly; repellant; repugnant; repulsive; short on looks (euph); skanky (sl); revolting; ugly as sin (inf); ugly-ass (sl) (e.g. That’s one ugly-ass waitress); unattractive; unbeautiful; uncomely; unhandsome; unlovely; unpleasant; unpleasing; unprepossessing; unshapely; unsightly; vile (ANT. ATTRACTIVE: BEAUTIFUL: HANDSOME)
Ugly Person: abortion (mp) (e.g. Beyond mere ugliness, he was an abortion); burn victim (e.g. He had all the charm of a burn victim); Creature from the Black Lagoon; escapee from the ugly farm (inf); face only a mother could love; freak; freakazoid (sl); freak of nature; freak-show; grotesque; hideous creature; homely thing; like something out of a monster movie (horror film; sci-fi flick etc.); like something out of a nightmare; lopsided freak; monster; mutant (sl); mutt; sideshow act; sideshow freak; thing (e.g. How could you even look at that thing?); ugly thing
Ugly Man: creep; elephant man; Gollum; grotesque (e.g. The man was a grotesque if there ever was one); homely bastard; hunchback of Notre Dame; mug; mutt; ogre; plug-ugly (plug-uglies) (i.e. thugs or gangsters); Quasimodo; scar-face
Ugly Woman: bad eye (sl) (antq) (e.g. That girl’s a bad eye); bow-wow (i.e. dog) (inf, pej); Club Munterville (Br) (sl) (i.e. a group of ugly women); cow; coyote; crone; dog; fishwife; hag; harpy; harridan; heifer; Medusa; minger zoo (Br) (sl) (i.e. a group of ugly women); munter (Br) (sl); muntville mafia (Br) (sl) (i.e. ugly women in groups); plane Jane; skank; slag; witch
Unattractive (NOTE: UNATTRACTIVE is not necessarily a synonym for UGLY. In fact, attractiveness may have less to do with physical appearance than attitude, open-mindedness and a sense that one is fun to be with.)
Unattractive (adj): off-putting; ugly (c.f.); unappealing; undesirable; unlovable; unpleasant; unsexy (ANT. ATTRACTIVE)
Unbelievable (adj): doubtful; incredible; lacking credible evidence; questionable
Undress (1: (v)): cast off (one’s clothes); disrobe; doff (e.g. She doffed the robe and stood naked before him); drop one’s drawers; drop trow (sl); expose; peel; reveal one’s self; shed (one’s clothes); slip out of one’s clothes (or things); strip; strip down; take it off; take off one’s things; throw it off; throw off one’s clothes; unclothe; uncover; unveil
Undress (2: (n) (i.e. state of being undressed)): (c.f. NAKEDNESS)  
Undress (3: (n) (i.e. state of being partially undressed)): casual; dishabille; going commando (i.e. without underwear) (sl); going hippie (i.e. without underwear) (sl); hippie style (sl); half-naked (c.f.); naked from the waist up (or waist down); negligee; topless
Underwear: delicates (euph); drawers; lingerie (c.f); petticoats (antq); shorts; undergarments; underpants; undershorts; underthings; undies (inf); unmentionables (euph)
Urinate (Urination) (v): do number one; drain the dragon (euph) (m); make a stream; make water; make wee-wee; one-ing it; pee; squat (f); trickle; urinate; wee-wee
Urine (n)): number one (euph); pee (or pee-pee) (euph); piss; trickle (euph); water (euph); wee-wee (euph)


Vagina (1: (n)): beaver; box; canal (or birth canal) (cl); channel; chichi (Sp); chocho (Sp); chotch (sl); clam (sl); cooch (sl); cooze (sl); coño (Sp); cunny (antq); cunt, Fotze (cunt) (Ger); gash; hole; honey pot; honey trap; ignition (euph) (e.g. He put his key in her ignition); kitty (sl); lady (euph) (e.g. My lady is so wet, she moaned); ladyflower; miffy (sl); poon; punanni; pussy (c.f.); quim (antq); raja (Sp); rocket (sl); scunt (Br, sl); socket; sex; slit; snatch; tunnel; tunnel of love (or love-tunnel); twat; vag; va-jay-jay (sl); womanhood; yomi (Skt)
Vagina (2: (insult)): cooze; cunt; gash; hole; pussy (c.f.); snatch; twat  
Vajazzle (n): clit-glitter; glitter; junk jewels; pussy bling; sequins
Vanilla (NOTE: Originating as jargon in psychological and sexological studies, meant to differentiate kinky sex (i.e. BDSM (c.f.), fetishism, swinging) from more socially conventional activities, VANILLA has become a popular put-down, akin to labeling someone a PRUDE (c.f.) or a square. Lately, and, it seems, with increasing frequency and vehemence, the word has been bandied about as a term of derision for those engaging in (or writing about) less-edgy behaviors , particularly non-kinky m/f activities. As is so often the case with rampant bandying, the term has been employed carelessly, and, on occasion, cruelly. It is not, in fact, a synonym for HETEROSEXUAL (c.f.) (based on an antiquated assumption that gay sex was uniquely transgressive, somehow more adventurous or “out there” than straight coupling). There are many gay and lesbian married couples engaging in perfectly satisfying vanilla sex every day of the year, and hundreds of millions of straight people who aren’t necessarily into BDSM, LEATHER (c.f.), FETISH (c.f.) or cosplay, nonetheless managing to enjoy exciting, self-fulfilling sex on a regular basis. A sexual practice that may be perceived as boring and conventional by outsiders is often more than adequately exciting to the people engaged in it. (Not everyone can afford to be choosey after all!) As far as usage is concerned, the term applies to those who tend not to show off or flaunt their sexuality; don’t “get their freak on” or engage in kink-related activities for whatever reason—regardless of orientation. Writers and critics should (we hope) employ this term sparingly, with some sensitivity and greater compassion. Bigotry is bigotry, regardless of where it comes from.)
Vanilla (1: (adj)): conventional; meat and potatoes (euph) (e.g. Sex, for them, was your basic meat and potatoes affair); normal; normative; non-kinky; ordinary; orthodox; regular; understated; unextraordinary; unflamboyant   
Vanilla (2: (pej)): boring; conventional; dull; hetero-normative; ordinary; run-of-the-mill; square; straight; unadventurous; unimaginative
Venereal Disease: clap (the clap); chlamydia (cl); the drips (sl); the gleet (sl); gonorrhea (cl); herpes (cl); sexually-transmitted disease (STD); the strain; syphilis (cl); VD
Vibrator: dildo; magic wand (euph); mommy’s little helper (euph); toy (c.f.) 
Virgin (1: (n) (i.e. one who has never engaged in penetrative sex): bachelor (m); bachelor girl (inf); damsel (antq); maiden (maid) (antq); maiden lady; old maid; spinster  
Virgin (2: (adj)): chaste; cherry (inf); clean; decent; immaculate; innocent; intact; inviolate; modest; pristine; pure; snowy; snow-white; spotless; stainless; unadulterated; unblemished; undefiled (antq); untainted; untarnished; untouched; unsoiled; unsullied; untried; unused; vestal (antq); virginal
Virginity (n): chastity; chasteness; cherry (inf); innocence; modesty; pudicity (antq, obsc.) purity; spotlessness; uncorruptedness (antq); untouchedness (antq); v-card (sl); virtue (euph)
Virile (adj) (m) (L, lit. “manly”): athletic; brawny; burly; hairy-chested; husky; lusty; manly (manly man); a man’s man; masculine (c.f.); mighty; muscular; potent; powerful; puissant; red-blooded; robust; rugged; strapping; strong; sturdy; vigorous


Whip (n): blacksnake; bullwhip; cat-o’-nine-tails (cat); cowhide; crop (riding crop); deer-hide; flagellum (L); knout; lash; quirt; rawhide; rod; scourge; strap  
Whore (n): bawd (antq); bint (Br); businesswoman (businessgirl) (euph); call girl; camp follower (antq); chippy; courtesan (c.f.); doxie (antq); drab (antq); escort; gigolo (m); guttersnipe; harlot; ho; hooker; hussy; jade (antq); lady of easy virtue; lady of the night; meretrix (L); moll (Auss); prostitute; puta (f) puto (m) (Sp); rent boy (m) (Auss); sex worker; slattern (antq); slut; streetwalker; strumpet (antq); tart; tom (m) (Br); trollop (antq); working girl; yugo (woman of pleasure) (Jp)
Whorehouse: (c.f. BROTHEL)
Woman: babe; bird (Br, sl); bee-atch (sl, pej); bitch (usu. pej); broad (sl, pej); feminine creature; gal (sl); girl (c.f.); lady; lass; maid (antq); maiden (antq); sister; sista (sl)




Zulu Style (i.e. both partners on their backs; girl on top of boy as he rubs his penis between her legs): coitus inter femora (L, cl) interfemoral intercourse (c.f. NON-PENETRATIVE SEX)


(adj) = adjective.  (adv) = adverb.  (AfAm) = African American. (ANT) = antonym. (antq) = antiquated or archaic. (Ar) = Arabic.  (Auss) = Australian. (Bib) = Biblical. (bn) = brand name; (Br) = British/United Kingdom. (c.f.) = see, see also, refer to. (cl) = clinical term. (colq) = colloquial.  (derog) = derogatory. (e.g.) = for example. (f) = feminine. (fig) = figurative. (Fr) = French. (Ger) = German. (Gr) = Greek. (inf) = informal. (Jw) = Jewish. (IrE) = Irish English. (Jp) = Japanese. (L) = Latin.  (lit.) = literal meaning. (m) = masculine. (mp) = metaphor. (n) = noun. (NA) = Native American.  (obsc) = obscure. (pej) = pejorative. (pl) = plural.  (prep) = preposition.   (Prt) = Portuguese. (Skt) = Sanskrit. (sl) = slang. (Sp) = Spanish.  (sg) = singular. (txt) = text message lingo. (V-E) = Victorian-Edwardian period.  usu. = usually. (v) = verb. (Ydd) = Yiddish

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